Wednesday, December 25, 2013


"Glory in the heights above to God,
and upon Earth peace among
men of goodwill."
Luke 2:14

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gray Weather

I love gray weather ~ for some it puts them in a funk
but for me .... it makes my spirit smile =D

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Run For Your Life!

No ... I didn't mean that literally :D  It is the title of my current book. It is yet another James Patterson/Michael Ledwidge collaboration. Last month I was done reading my last book and I wasn't sure what to start on; so back into my pile of un-reads ... or better yet not-reads it sounds better ... I searched high and low and found this treasure down towards the bottom. I don't ever remember seeing it before - funny how that goes. I read the ad on the top left - 'Detective Michael Bennett hunts a killer with an ego as big as all New York' and I had to giggle. Remember .. my last book was I, Michael Bennett (review below) and I took it as a sign. I am sort-of behind in my book reading schedule, so I have been pounding the pages pretty hard. So far I am enjoying this book and with any luck I will be done in time to read one more (maybe something in a different genre) before the end of the year ... leaving my year end book reading to 11.
As I said above, few weeks ago I got done with this book and what did I think? Well ... it wasn't bad ... not bad at all. I say it's a 3 or maybe 4 stars **** I don't want to ruin it too much for those of you who haven't read it yet so all I will say is it was a solid read. Enough twist and turns to make it interesting but not too many where you think this guy is a bumbling Barney Fife-type cop. You do have the basic premise of all good cop/bad guy books ... bad guy gets away, good cop chases said bad guy, bad guy targets good guy's family and friends and somewhere in there is a love interest. WOW ... I think I covered the book in one sentence ;p Well I am off to get another cup of cocoa - we will talk really soon. I have some holiday recipes I have been meaning to share.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thaksgiving!

Carl Larson

Wishing you and yours a wonderful turkey-day!


Saturday, November 23, 2013


For the last few months I have been totally obsessed with three sites. I can't seem to get enough of them ... their composition and content have me mesmerized.

The first one is Purl Bee ... between this site and Ravlery my head is swimming with new projects to make. It is going to take me 40 years to finish everything I want. Unlike Raverly (which is a crochet/knit site only) the Purl Bee also has embroidery and sewing (which then kicks up my creative juices) I seem to go into hyper-mode and when I find something I want to make ... I start speaking in this high pitched voice and screech to my Beloved ... 'look at how wonderful this is!' as he calmly says 'yes baby that is cool' ... trying to pacify his overly-amped wife. But it is too late ... my eyes are glazed and I am trying to think when I can fit in the extra project. I think I am going to make the seed-stitch blanket for my bed and the cute hedgehog for Baby Bug ... I think she will like it. Now what to make for the newest Gran Bug?

The next two consist of more of visual eye candy and appeal to me as a photographer and how much I want to develop this craft.

Next is The Yard it seems to be a collection of pictures from other sites ... sort of like viewing someone's Pinterest board. All the pictures seem to have a cool, grey weather, natural living kind of vibe. Some are simple and classic (landscaping or a bowl on a wood table) to more artistic ideas (the greenhouse full of cacti) This seems to have a fresh look to old ideas of what makes a great picture.

Last but not at all least is Kinfolk Magazine this site has really solidified the idea that gathering with others isn't meant to be done over a rushed cup of coffee in an over-crowed shop. It is meant to be done in more of a European style of sitting down and enjoying not just the company but also the coffee. There is A LOT of emphasis on living quietly and simply and embracing natural surroundings ... packing a breakfast, driving to a quiet spot and seeing a sunrise on the hood of your car with your lovey. I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at the Journal ... since there are many different contributors you get ideas of different styles. I am INFATUATED with the videos ... The Oregon Coast and The Dutch Oven Bread are my two favorites. On Youtube they have 'Volume Two'

Here is 'The Kinfolk Manifesto'
 Yes ... there is a Manifesto =D

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Simple Prayer For You ...

To all of those who have served (and to all who are serving now) .. Thank You.
My prayer for you is that somehow you don't let the evils of war take away your
beautiful and courageous light. May every step you take is blessed and every beat
of heart be filled with happiness.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Lucky Number 19

I have got to scan this picture and clean it up ...
19 years ago today - 2 young people decided to
take 2 families and bring them together to become 1.
It was THE best decision I have ever made.
Every year we celebrate our anniversary with
the kids - it isn't just my wedding anniversary -
it is our family coming together anniversary ..
and THAT is what we truly celebrate.
I am grateful every second of every day for this man.
Thank you Jehovah God for bringing us together.
(Literally we met in church .. a romantic story
best saved for next year on our 20th)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday the 13th ...

I did a  great post a few years ago regarding the
superstition of Friday the 13th. It is amazing
how people will actually not work on this day.
Whatever you do today .. have fun but please do it safely.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Not A Year Goes By ....

... that we forget that horrible day
that turned every day people into heroes.
That is the day that we showed the World
what it really means to be United.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Quickly .. I just wanted to post that my next book on the list is I, Michael Bennett. This is yet another collaboration by James Patterson this time with Michael Ledwidge. I was wandering around the library (like I always do) and it was down to this one and Zoo ... this one won :)  The cover reads 'move over Alex Cross' ... well we will just see about that.
Another quick note - I just saw the movie Alex Cross ... NO! NO! NO!  I wanted sooooo bad to like this movie but even though I like Tyler Perry as an actor, I couldn't get my head around that he was to be Alex Cross. This movie was just missing something .. I can't quite put my finger on it. It seems to me that there were ALOT of inconsistencies. I didn't think Maria died like that *.* And I didn't think Cross got Maria's real killer like that either ~_~ It was also based in Detroit and believe that in the book it is set in Washington DC. I also didn't like Matthew Fox as 'The Butcher' maybe because last month we got done watching Lost and to me he is this nice guy and the crazy eyes don't work for him. But on the upside I did like Cicely Tyson as Nana. I enjoyed A LOT  'Kiss The Girls' and 'Along Came A Spider' and even though they have inconsistencies at least THEY offered some sort of realism to the viewer ... Casanova, Sonji and Jezzie were believable - even though Casanova was Westley from the 'Princess Bride' - you believed he could have a dungeon full of women.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Shabbat Shalom

Continue putting up with one another and forgiving
one another freely if anyone has a cause for complaint
against another. Even as Jehovah freely forgave
You, so do You also. But, besides all these things,
[clothe yourselves with] love, for it is a perfect
bond of union.
Colossians  3:13-14

Friday, August 23, 2013

Shabbat Shalom

Do not be loving either the world or the things in the
  world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father
 is not in him, because everything in the world-
the desire of the flesh and the desire of  eyes
and the showy display on one's means in life-
does not originate with the Father,
but originates with the world.
1 John 2:15-16

Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Next Two Books?

Well that is elementary my dear Watson. I have picked TWO Sherlock Holmes stories to read.

I happen to own these two stories which are part of a volume set. Technically this set belonged to our Eldest Princess but of course - being the ferocious reader that she is - got done with this pretty large book in a week. She gave it to me thinking that I would like it ... that was many, many, many, many moons ago (I am talking 4 years) and just NOW I am giving it a go. I don't even know what to say ~.~ GoodReads have put them on their under 200 pages list (along with other books which I might tackle later).
I am starting with 'A Study in Scarlet' which is Sir Doyle's first published story of Sherlock Holmes - when he first meets Watson. GoodReads gave it 4.11 stars. I am soooooo excited to start - I just hope all the Old English doesn't throw me off.

Silent Partner and Skyhook

I got done with Silent Partner sometime last week - it took me a horrid amount of time to finish it but it is done and that is all that matters to me :-)  That is 5 books in 6 months ... a bit shy from my goal but hopefully when we get finished with the house, which would be soon if we stop adding to the list =D,  I will have more time to read. It wasn't too bad, there were A LOT of twist and turns ... crazy amount of buried secrets (that is what this book should have been called). Without ruining it for anybody it is about a psychiatrist whose ex-girlfriend commits suicide and he goes poking around her life to figure out why. Goodreads gave it a 3.84 out of 5 rating and I think that would seem about right. This is #4 of the Alex Delaware series and I think I am going to try to find time this year for another one.

July's (and August *.*) book is from a guy at my work. He just got done reading it and REALLY enjoyed it. Skyhook is the 2003 book from John J Nance is about a top-secret computer program is created to help planes in distress code name 'Skyhook' and when during a test flight the plane accidently hits another plane's propeller their classified operation is in jeopardy. GoodReads gave it 3.5 stars and I figured it is about 3 - 3.5 stars. His website reads ... 'Mr. Nance holds a Bachelor's Degree from SMU and a Juris Doctor from SMU School of Law, and is a licensed attorney. Named Distinguished Alumni of SMU for 2002, he is also a decorated Air Force pilot veteran of Vietnam and Operations Desert Storm/Desert Shield and a Lt. Colonel in the USAF Reserve, well known for his involvement in Air Force human factors flight safety education, and one of the civilian pioneers of Crew Resource Management (CRM). ' Mr. Nance's background will explain his knowledge/interest in military operations, law procedures and being an air craft pilot - which are the basis of this book. It isn't too technical as to where you would get lost (ok some parts I wasn't sure what was being said) but it wasn't so bland that I felt he was dumbing it down. I hate when author's do that.  I passed this book to My Hubby - curious to see what he thinks.

Now to get me back on track I am off to read TWO short stories - if I can get passed the Old English *.*


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Julia!!

A  updated re-post from last year.
 Today Julia Child would have celebrated her 101st b/d.

Today I honored this remarkable person in my own way
I watched the movie =D
I have said before how I simply adore this film
It is makes me want to bake (and blog)
and that is just what I did
Except I made raw coconut-chocolate balls
 and wrote this post =D

So cheers to you Julia ... for simply being you!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Wolves Are Everywhere!

OK so there are no wolves here in Phoenix (coyotes yes ... but no wolves). But there are wolves in my TV.  I received my two Netflix movies "The Grey" and "Breaking Dawn Part 1" and I have to say that disagreeing with critics is what I do best (well maybe closer to 4th best ... LOL)

First up "The Grey" (2012) ... this film is about a team of Alaskan oil workers whose plane crashes out in the middle of nowhere. They learn quickly that surviving the elements and each other is the easy part ... the hard part might be surviving the pack of wolves that have made them their prey. Mr. and I have been enjoying Liam Neeson's movies since the 80s with 'Excalibur' and  'Next of Kin' (which we were in our teens) but 'Schindler's List' really put him on the map in our eyes ... it was such a wonderfully played role. And that leads me to say sadly that this wasn't a favorite movie of his ... it wasn't the worst ( I think 'Clash of the Titans' was) I know that with all the positive ratings it received (Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 79%) this movie was going to be like 'Frozen' or 'The Thing' but I was quite disappointed.  But IF you have gotten caught up on allll your chores and the weather is too much to bear, then yes go ahead and enjoy the winter wonderland scenery and daydream of cooler tempatures but know it is what it is.           

Last but not least "Breaking Dawn Part 1" ... first part of the last book in the Twilight series (as if I needed to explain) ... in this movie it starts to get to the life after high school ~ the wedding that everyone has been anticipating (well at least this year) and watching Bella and Edward adjust to married life and Jacob's new role in their lives. Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 25% ... 25%!!! Really!?) The visual is still holding up ... the CGI was introduced subtly but know I did take just an itsy bitsy pleasure in seeing Bella not looking so pretty. I actually watched it twice ... the first time I was it in conjunction with 'Eclipse' so that I wouldn't miss any subtle sub-plots and then the second time was with the director's audio commentary, that I do recommend to do if you can ... there were a few things that I missed the first time, so I was glad that I spent the extra time. I know some fans might disagree with me but I also believe part of their disappointment lies with the fact that it is HALF a movie ... it runs a bit slow (not ALOT of action scenes) and there are still loose ends that should be tied up with the last movie which should be out sometime in November.

Home Update

We are sooooo close to being completely done *_*  When I am re-painting the wainscoting in the craft room my sweet Mr. is working on the trim and when we are done we move to a different project while the paint dries or when we are stuck and need a little time to think (I was indecisive on the window trim and the kitchen desk was being much more difficult than anticipated). All this hopping around have us semi-completed with the floor/door/window trim,  finishing the craft room outlets (which never was done FIVE YEARS AGO), staining/installing the desk in the kitchen and re-painting the craft room ceiling. We were hoping to be completed by this past weekend but we were a bit slow going ... go figure :D So hopefully we will get these projects done this week after work and have next weekend get to do the next big project .... the guest room. Right now it is a catch all (all the Christmas containers, items from the craft room and all the pictures from through-out the house) once it is all cleared out we will lift out the carpet *gross* and lay down the new vinyl flooring *yeah*, add quarter round and touch-up the trim/wall/door. Then will be the quest bathroom which might get just a refresh rather than a full revamp. And in the middle of alllll this craziness we have resolved to do the winter vegetable/herb garden but we have decided to move it - so that project will include planning the layout and raised bed making - also we will try our hand in composting. We are really excited about that. I am downloading pictures and I will have them up tomorrow ... possibly :-)

Linking with
Sunny Simple Life
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Another Announcement!

Ahhhhh! Our eldest Princess is expecting a wonderful bundle
mid-February! We don't know the gender yet but as soon
we do I will let you know. At this rate we will be having
1 baby a year :-)  But now I REALLY need to get
 the house done so I can have my craft room back -
I have soooo many ideas that I am freaking out that
7 months might not be enough time *YIKES*

Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy 22nd Birthday My Prince!

Man it is crazy how the time flies!
You need to slow down so that I can catch up :-)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Quick Update ... Summerizing The Yard

For some ... Summer brings humidity and warmth which brings winter plants back from the dead. For us here in Phoenix ~ summer is more like being in a dehydrator ... low warm temperature air swirling around you all day and all night - even in the shade ... it makes (almost) everything crispy and dead. Even with watering ... the leaves dry up. There are a few plants that do well ... oleander, citrus trees, rosemary but other things are harder to maintain; vegetables, roses (they do fine but are not at their best), and especially potted plants. So to save on water (very important to me since we always seem to be in a drought), time and tears, we 'summerize' the yard ~ the vegetable garden gets cleaned out, rose bushes get cut waaaay back, and potted plants get dumped. Also this gives me some time to replenish the soil ~ the healthier the soil ... the healthier the plant ... the less you need bug killers and fertilizers. I used to live in Denver ~ so I explain to people that this is my 'winter time' ~ things look sparse and I don't go out too often. So I have from now until October to start planning the garden ... which is my second favorite part of having a garden (eating the food is my favorite ... go figure). But I always get a little sad when I clean things out and I know it sounds weird but I try to be conscious to thanks to the ground, the plants and even God for the abundance (or at times ~ lack there of) of food that was provided that gave us so much pleasure. But now I can focus on inside activities: redoing the guest bathroom, jewelry making, sewing (I have been wanting to make a light 'quilt' for the bed) and crocheting new slippers.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Shabbat Shalom

'As I live,' says Jehovah, 'to me every knee will
 bend down, and every tongue will make
 open acknowledgement
to God.'
Romans 14:11

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

Freedom is never free ..
picture taken at Pearl Harbor

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Note To Self ....

Note to self ... if I ever decide to tile again MAKE SURE TO REALLY CLEAN OFF THE MORTAR!! *sigh* I didn't clean all the mortar off like I should of since it was midnight when we finished putting up all the tile and some (A LOT) of it was in between the tiles and it was a HUGE pain removing it  *.*  But the tiling is FINALY done ... grout and all YEAH!!!! Now what is next on the list?  


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tile Update & Relaxing Sunday

Last night right before midnight we got done putting up the tile in the kitchen ... minus the grouting. The transformation of the kitchen is ridiculous! The backsplash we chose is a white subway tile and it will be grouted in bright white ... I think that would be a nice clean neutral background and it can be changed out either by season or when I decide I am getting tired of the whole 'Midwest old farmhouse' look. Our reward for finishing the tiling is a nice relaxing Sunday. As we 'speak' Mr. is watching his Star Trek series and I am spending a few hours with my much beloved Girls and working on a project for the Grand-Princess. Before we got started on the house I was working thru the Seasons and was on the last disc of Season 2. Oy with the poodles already *giggles* Well, I best get back to my project or I will never get done.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Latest Book

I decided to go with a new author - well to me he is new - Jonathan Kellerman and one of his really old books (from 1989) Silent Partner. This book came to me via a very dear friend in a box of wonderful treasures back in December and I found it again when we were moving the room around. So far I am on page 88 and I have been trying to read this book for a disgraceful amount of time - I guess I have to be more diligent with my free time in order to accomplish it on time.

Update Over Dinner ...

Hi Everyone ... I hope everyone's Memorial weekend went well. We finally got some much needed rest. The weekend before we got done with the flooring!! Aahhhh!!! I am sooo excited. EVERYTHING is looking so great ... I can't wait to show you and as soon as I can remember where I put the cords then I can upload the pictures. :) I have been snapping away (when I can remember) because NOBODY is going to believe the difference.

Things that have been done so far:
build wall (frame/drywall/mud)
primer/paint the walls & ceiling
installed new floors
installed new island
installed new counters
primer/paint cabinets & hardware
installed new sink & faucet
installed new dishwasher
installed new garbage disposal
installed new blinds
Things that still need to be done:
tile backsplash (I know ... should have done that already)
 trim around doors/windows
 shelf units in den
shelf units around fireplace
build desk in kitchen
finishing decorating touches
And when ALLLLLL that gets done we will tackle the guest bathroom and update that. THEN go back into the guest room to put down new floors and touch up the walls where it is scuffed up. THEN go into the craft room to repaint the shelves & beadboard, touch up the walls and put down quarter round to hold the new floors. THEN do the master bedroom/bathroom and by that time I will be about 175 years old and I can finally sit down and enjoy my beautiful home. PHEW!! But we are loooooving every moment (well most moments). We work so well together that it doesn't seem intrusive into 'our' time ... it seems more like a creative hobby we do together. And we get a kick telling people how WE did things ourselves. Well I am done eating dinner and tonight we are prepping the kitchen walls for tiling. Talk soon.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


This weekend we are hitching the 'ol RV and going camping! I loooooove my RV ~ Mr and I are not the backpacking roughing the wild kinda people.... we are more the let's go for a hike, then sit outside under the stars and sleep indoors in a bed kinda  people. We haven't really used our RV too often but 'this is the year that we will try to go out ATLEAST once a month' ... yea - well it is good to have goals. One of our favorite places to go is Dead Horse Ranch State Park ~ I know the name is terrible ~ we have been there for day trips ... it is about 10* cooler and only 1 1/2 hrs to get there so doing a quick weekend excursion should be easy ... right? On our last day trip we drove the whole park checking out which spots will be good for us ... not too close to the bathrooms/showers, a mountain view would be nice, easy to pull in/out of and away from the crowds (this isn't Havasu so there is no party scene ... mostly families). So we reserved our spot and now the prepping begins.

 First thing first is ourselves ... clothes, bug repellent and food are at the top of the list. Shorts with tons of pockets, Ts and new shoes. We went to two stores before I found them in the least likely place. We went into a sporting goods store ... which I did find a plethora of women hiking shoes starting in the high $80s (they were on sale) but most were made of leather (I guess for long term wearability) .... and EVERRRYBOOOODY knows my stance on leather. The next store was just a regular shoe store and they didn't have women's hiking books ~ just guys ... hmmm weird right? But I did find a cute wedge but I didn't get them. *sadness* So we decided to go shopping at Walmart (shhhhh don't tell anyone) and pick up food and clothes. We walked thru the shoe section just in the off-chance that we could find something. And we did .. Mr found some boots for him for $25 (they were on sale) and again no women hiking boots. By now I have decided to buy guy boots but all the 'cuter' ones were made of leather but I spotted a pair that are man made, so I grabbed a pair and started to try them on. While I was on the ground trying on boys boots it gave me horrible flashbacks as to when I was a kid always having to get boys tennis shoes because my feet are wide and the girls shoes wouldn't fit right. *tears* And when I was walking around determining the fit I found them ... women's hiking boots!!!! They were on the side of the isle and were on sale for ...... drum roll please ..... $10!! No kidding! I mean they might not last forever but I am a novice hiker, I don't know what to look for in a good pair of boots. So I snagged them the only problem with them is that they are not attractive ... not even a little. They look like boys black high top tennis shoes. *gross* I will let you know if they are worth the price. With a quick pickup of new socks, Ts and baggy shorts (for hiking you don't want shorts that can split on you). We are off to get bug spray.

I have found some interesting natural bug spray recipes on-line but some take a week for the items to cure (but I will let you know how it goes) so Mr just plopped in the basket a bottle of 'Off' ... to my horror ... but he isn't as concern about the DEET as I am but more concerned about not getting bit up by mosquitos and here in Phoenix the mosquitos carry the West Nile virus. So until I give him an alternative ... I gave him his spray. Compromise .. that is what marriage is all about. It is the new clean feel and it has a decent enough scent.

Last was food, we do like our 'road trip' food ... chips, chips and crackers .... mostly starchy items since my Prince and I get car sick ... ICK!! This time we chose pretzels and a black bean chip to eat with sandwiches.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blanket Completed!

I am FINALLY finished this wonderful project. I have been crocheting for almost 25 years and this blanket is my true test of my talent ... not to mention my patience. I was having issues figuring out the patterns ... they are crazy confusing but once I understood what on Earth I was reading .... everything just started to move much faster. Go figure :p The one thing I like about working with repeating patterns like these is that you can see right away when something is done wrong (added a stitch or a skipped stitch) What I wanted to do today was put up some YouTube links *thank you BonnieBayCrochet* that have helped me tremendously and I hope they will do the same for you.

The 'Arrow Pattern Stitch' is used through out the blanket.

The 'Popcorn Stitch'  ... there are two varieties used in the blanket.

The 'Diamond Stitch Pattern'  I think it is the easiest and it looks really nice.

Now ... what to make next?

Patterson ... Read and Done!

In the month of April I was reading 'Swimsuit' by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. And can I say I LoOoVeD IT!!!! A co-worker's wife knows I like - ok ... LOVE Patterson - and she highly recommended reading this one. The front of the cover  reads "The scariest and most satisfying James Patterson novel since 'Kiss The Girls'" And WOW they were not lying!  Now I usually don't like Patterson collaborated books and as we know from this review I didn't care for the last Patterson/Paetro book I read (from the Women's  Murder Club series) but Swimsuit grabbed me and kept me until the end.  I don't want to spoil anything thing but I will say that through out the whole book I was like 'no way' ... 'NOOOO way' ... 'NO WAY!' ... I was even telling Mr the story as if he was as intrigued as I was (PS he wasn't but he is a very good listener) The end to me seemed open ended but that just means there is space for a sequel ... right ;p  It reads a bit like the any other Cross books by showing both the killer (or should I say ... a serial killer - Henri Benoit) and the pursuant (in this case ex-cop turned LA Times reporter Ben Hawkins) and I enjoy that. I see the story like a movie when it shows what the killer is doing and thinking, rather than just what the cop sees. I would LOOOOOOVE it if this book got turned into a movie ... it would be so AWESOME!!! Maybe I need to give the Women's Murder Club series one more chance ... mayyybeee  =D

Now what to read next .... I am either thinking Bloody Mary by J.A. Konrath or Kiss the Girls by James Patterson. I started to read Patterson years ago but since I own it on hard back it makes it a bit harder to carry it everywhere ... and I do carry (and read) my books evvverrrrywhere.  Decisions ... decisions *sigh*

PS I am still gathering information for the 'Little House' books review ... I haven't forgotten - I just haven't had the time to do it.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I LoOoVe Painting!

LUKE: Painting’s a pain. I’d have to close the place for a day, which I can’t afford, or paint it in the middle of the night which I don’t want to because I hate painting.

LORELAI: Ok, how about this? I’ll help you because I love to paint.

LUKE: You do?

LORELAI: Yes I do.

LUKE: You love it?

LORELAI: I want to marry it.

LUKE: You have strange passions.

RORY: She likes washing dishes too. She’s multifaceted abnormal.

LORELAI: Ah come on, we’ll drink a couple of beers and we’ll sing some painting songs.

LUKE: Painting songs?

LORELAI: Yeah painting songs like, um…you know the songs that goes, um…’Grab your brush and grab your rollers, all you kids and all you bowlers, we’re going paintin’ today’. Say yes or there’s another verse.

LUKE: Well I guess maybe if…I had help.


RORY: Where are you going?

LORELAI: To Luke's. We're picking out paint colors tonight so it's going to be hours of "yes," "no," "yes," "no," "yes," "no," until my world-famous perseverance wears him down and he winds up in a ball on the floor crying like a girl. Wanna come watch?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

This is the most AMAZING man!
Well ... 2nd most amazing man ;p
This world is a bit more bearable with you in it :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Almost A Month ....

It has been almost a month since my last post ... tisk - tisk ... but I do have a good reason. I am remodeling my little nest *.*  I told you it was a good reason. From top to bottom ... the house is getting new paint on the walls/ceiling, new flooring, new window treatments and some new organizations (I know I wouldn't have a problem with the last part if I could just throw things out ... but I am very sentimental). I am taking pictures as we go and I will load them soon. Not much to see just some empty rooms but I will still post them. I am having mixed emotions ... my home is soooo empty right now. I am feeling excited for all the changes going on but having every room so bare makes me feel like we are moving and that notion saddens me.  I have so much to share and not enough time to write so my posts will be short and quick ... they will probably seem more like twitter posts *giggle* ....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Remember Your Blessings

2011 Passover Pics - too busy enjoying that I forgot to take pics

Great food (my loving husband ALWAYS makes the best meals), great conversations, Passover is my favorite holiday. It isn't about money or extra decorations (mind you the cleaning was a pain and I did get it all done AND even got the car cleaned ~ so not only could God and Jesus come over to dinner but I can also pick them up at the airport =D) or anything external ~ it is about an unselfish love, self sacrifice and thinking of something bigger than oneself. Something that too many of us forget in our daily lives.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

From Saint Patrick's Breastplate
Christ be with me
Christ before me
Christ behind me
Christ in me
Christ beneath me
Christ above me
Christ on my right
Christ on my left
Christ where I lie
Christ where I sit
Christ where I arise
Christ in the heart of every man
who thinks of me
Christ in the mouth of every man
who speaks of me
Christ in every eye that sees me
Christ in every ear that hears me
Salvation is of the Lord.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Shabbat Shalom

On The Heights by Charles Curan

Keep on the watch, therefore, because
you do not know on what day
YOUR Lord is coming.
Matthew 24:42

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Little Women Review

Done!! The print on this book was soooo tiny (approx 390 words per page!) I thought I would never finish reading it  =D  I kept holding the book farther away  .... I can't remember the last time I felt so .... old *.*  While reading this book I kept the movie in my head and there were parts that I was thinking ... 'Oh - well now that makes sense' or 'I can see why they cut out that scene out'. The book was hard to follow in the beginning ...between the Old English and people speaking more poetically  ... I was like 'Geez spit it out already'!  But I LOVED the little notes of wisdom through-out the book and how in some ways the trials and heartaches of women haven't changed. I enjoyed the end ... to know how the 'Little Womens' lives blossomed. It makes me hopeful that with a mother's love and patience her children grow into the adults that she always knew they would be. I would think it would be hard for someone in Jr High to follow unless they were in class and I don't know if someone in High School would take away the wonderful wisdom that is spread through out the pages.

Side notes::this book was written in 1868 and Louisa did loosely write it about her own three sisters, changing all there names but her much beloved Beth, who really did die at a young age (23 yrs old). Her funeral was a small affair, with Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Franklin Benjamin Sanborn serving as pallbearers. And her (what she felt) rivalry with her youngest sister, Abby May, who passed away at the age of 39 of an infection six weeks after giving birth to her daughter Lulu, which then was raised by Louisa for 11 years until her own death (then the child moved to Germany to live with her Father). Ralph W Emerson liked Abby May's work that he had one of her painting hanging in his home. Now this is an interesting tid-bit of history .... Daniel C French was a neighbor of both Emerson and Abby May and was influenced to persue sculpting by her work. She lent modeling tools to the young Mr. French and encouraged him ... French credits Abby May as one of his first art teachers. French is best-known work is the sculpture of a seated Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

I am almost done with The Long Winter and I 'think' I know which book I am going to tackle after ... but I might change my mind *giggles*


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy 23rd!!

Happy 23rd Princess



Sunday, February 3, 2013

Movies For Women Who Have Men Who Love Football

It is time again for our unofficial American holiday ... The Super Bowl. Here are a few of my picks to start getting you in the mood.

The Blind Side :: I still stand by my original post regarding this great movie. There is a lot going on with the Baltimore Ravens this year including that the 2 head coaches (on opposing teams) are brothers, Ray Lewis will be retiring this year, AND Michael Oher will be 'knock on wood' playing a hell of a game. To see where he came from ... how his life could have been soooooo different ... it is just mind blowing. Flip side is Patrick Willis who is on the SF 49rs ~ his life almost parallels that of Micheal's ... from Tennessee, was in the foster system ... it reminds me of the bible passage about 'what is meant for my harm God will use for my good'.

Brian's Song :: I had to watch this movie yesterday in order to make this post =D This story is about the friendship between the Chicago Bears team-mates Brian Piccolo and Gayle Sayers. It is set in the mid 60s (great time for fashion ... not), even though these two men were competing for the same spot; when Gale got injured it was Brian who pushed him through his recovery and when Brian was diagnosed with Lung Cancer it was Gale who was quietly by his side. When men talk about this movie ... they get a bit choked up ... say about what a tear jerker it is ... it will leave you an emotional wreck. So I was a bit hesitant to watch it. I don't watch chick flicks for the same reason. Yea! Men are from Mars because this movie is in nowaaaay close to being the emotional roller coaster that The Blind Side was. It had its funny moments but I was left a bit miffed that I wasn't weeping. Maybe the 2001 version has that ... something ... that was missing from the 1971 version. But I am not too sure if I can stand to watch it again to find out.

Now quickly switching gears from pro to college is Rudy. This 1993 movie really showcases Sean Austin's talent. Like the above two movies, this one is also a true story. I think this one is on the top of the heap as far as tear jerkers go. It is based on Daniel E. "Rudy" Ruettiger's desire to play for his (and his father's) beloved Notre Dame ... even though the odds were against him (his grades weren't great, his skills weren't great, and his size was less than great) ... he didn't quit trying. Even when he was passed over (again and again) he still tried ... he personafies the spirit of not giving up on yourself. I think it is really missing in today's youth and maybe that is why everyone is unhappy. If it is really your passion DON'T give up ... everyone else can but YOU can never let it go.  Note :: he was the first in Notre Dame's history to be carried off the field (as in hoisted on his team-mates shoulders) ... now that is pretty cool!

Alright everyone ... go grab some snacks ... pop in a movie and enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Shabbat Shalom

I have come to know that you are
able to do all things.
And there is no idea that is
unattainable for you.
Job 42:2

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I mentioned in my previous post that my sweet darling Mr has a case of the cooties *o*  He takes about a trillion vitamins a day. OK maybe not a trillion but enough to build a strong immune system. But when he is sick he reaches for Western drug medicine (over-the-counter goodies) YUCK! I on the other hand I am a bit more careless about vitamins but I am the weird one who will write with my own pen only and doesn't like to shake peoples' hand and will wipe down eveeerrrrrrythinggggg. And if (when) I get sick I reach for Eastern medicine (herb/spice teas and other home remedies). These are our go-to recipes for you to try out (disclaimer ... please advise your doctor about changing/adding to your routine)
Recently I have added Ginger into my routine. It is an antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial. It is used to aid in digestion, lowers cholestoral, reduce joint inflammation, and helps in preventing and treating the cold/flu. For best result make the tea out of fresh ginger root and streep a sliver for 10 mins in a cup of warm water. Sweeten to taste (I use honey because it has its own antibacterial properties ... so it is like a double WHAMMY!) I just use 1/2 a tsp of ginger to a 1 - 1 1/2 cups of water and steep. It isn't as strong as it should be but it's drinkable. DON'T DRINK IF ON BLOOD THINNER!!!

IF I get the flu and have phlem issues ... I drink Oregano tea. Yes, like the herb. It is antibacterial and anitfungal. It also is an aid for stomach issues and for treating the flu/cold. I use about 1 tsp of regular dried oregano leaves to about a cup of hot water - steep 8 mins (the leaves will settle to the bottom) and I slooooowly pour the tea into another cup, add honey and drink. I really enjoy this tea but it does take a bit to get use to it. Beware ... this tea is made to break up phlem, so you will notice an increase in coughing to get the gunk out of your system. DON'T USE IF PREGNANT ~ MAY CAUSE CONTRACTIONS!!

Also, if I do have phlem issues (whether from the flu/cold or just allergies when the change of weather comes along) I reduce my diary intake to creamer only ... no warm milk before bed or cheese in my sandwich ... and if it is really bad I cut out coffee since I won't drink it without creamer *tears* Dairy builds up mucus in the system ... it would benefit a person with asthma to cut it entirely out of their diet. Also if you wake up in the morning a bit puffy around the sinus area ... think back to what you had at dinner and before bed (cheese or yogurt) ... you will likely see a decrease in morning puffiness once you cut out the dairy. No disclaimer here ... there is no reason to drink milk ~ especially kids.

Next is a quick antibacterial spray recipe. 91% alcohol in a spray bottle. That was it. I told you it was easy. Isopropyl alcohol kills bacteria by damaging the cell walls of one-celled organisms such as mold, fungi and bacteria (strep throat) . A virus is smaller (and more fragile) than a bacteria and it can not live outside the body's cell longer that 1 - 2 days. You can even put vodka in a spray bottle. But if you don't wish to use alcohol, in anyway, you can use a 50:50 mixture of water and white vinegar. If your family grumbles about the 'lingering scent' add 5 - 15 drops of essential oil (depending on the size of the bottle).  Essential oils have been known for their disinfecting properties; many are antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial, and/or antiseptic. You can add a single scent or combine any of the following: cinnamon, clove, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, lime, oregano, rosemary, tea tree, thyme, juniper, eucalyptus, palmarosa, clove, laurel, anise, rose, geranium, neroli, bergamot, clary sage, and dill. You can change the scent for each child (lavender for her and lime for him) or add extra oomph to the cleaner for different rooms (add tea tree oil to your lavender for the bathroom spray or rosemary and thyme for the kitchen). Rememer, if you keep it simple you are more apt to start (and continue) using simple products to maintain the health of your family.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Shabbat Shalom

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
Philippians 4:8

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hold The Presses!

As you know I am reading Little Women for my first book of the year. And I am enjoying it ... I am at the part where Jo moves to New York.  About that later.  Last week I went and checked out from the library my next TWO books (to be fair they are smaller books ~ 350 pages/book) to be read in the month of February. And yesterday I went online line to renew another book (a skandinavian project book ... pretty cool actually ... when I pick a project I will link it up) and one of the books for February is NOT renewable AND due back on the 2nd! The 2nd!!!  I have been reading a few extra pages a day just to get done with Little Women by the end of this month (instead of 7th) *.* The best laid plans ... right?

So, what to do in this dilemma? Well, I can continue to read Little Women and return the other book without reading it. OR I can pause on Little Women since I own the book and read the new one. Needless to say ...  I chose the later.

Well ... my current read is Little House on the Prairie. Yup ... that's the book that is on everyone's MUST READ list. There must be at least 10 copies of this book and alllll of them are checked out. That is just crazy! But that made me intrigued and now I gotsta read it  :p I am going to post about why I picked it and the complimentary read ~ not in my next book post (that one should be my review of Little Women) but the one after. I still can't believe all this nonsense for a kid's book. But it is what it is.
Also, my Mr is fighting a would-be flu ~ he takes enough vitamins to keep his immune system strong so his flu is very mild ... he mostly feels run down like his body is fighting something bad *o* I have some quick recipes I will try to post about what we do here (disclaimer ... I am not a doctor, work for one, consult yours before trying ... AKA use your judgement). And I have a post on the blanket I am making and THE MOST helpful video tutorials EVER! 


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Book of 2013

Kinda .... I got done with The Poet on the 2nd and with family coming into town for the weekend (so we can celebrate Christmas here, since Mr and I were in Denver with the Grand-Princess over Christmas ... somehow moving the holidays around so that everyone can be seen works for us).  Any how, Princess got me Little Women a few months back because it is one of my most favorite movies. I have always wanted to read it but always picked something else to occupy my time. So I figured no time like the present to tackle this classic piece of literature. I must admit the print in this book is really tiny ... I guess reading with a book too close to the face really does ruins ones eyesight :p  I am noticing that in my old age I am enjoying silence while reading much more. I was one of those teens that read a book while the radio/tv was blarring ... I don't know how productive it was but I did it. That might explain the grades *giggle*  I started reading this book on the 7th and have been on a schedule to read atleast 22 pages a day ... no matter how late it is. Interesting how the smallest amount of discipline can result in such a large sense of pride. I love Marmee's wisdom and how it can still be applied to life now "Have regular hours for work and play; make each day both useful and pleasant, and prove that you understand the worth of time by employing it well. Then youth will be delightful, old age will bring few regrets, and life become a beautiful success, in spite of poverty." 

Sunday, January 13, 2013


It has taken me a whole season to watch ONE episode of Bunheads. Crazy ... right? I mean it is written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and has my beloved GG alumnus Kelly Bishop *applauding* ... so why haven't I watch it from the very first episode? Well, I will tell you. I was afraid *_* Simple as that. As anybody who knows me or reads this blog knows .... I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Gilmore Girls and when the series was cancelled I was heart broken :( Seriously crushed beyond all recognition. I am still in mourning. IF I watched it and hated it ... I would be crushed because I want to like it.  And IF I watched it and loved it ... then what? Be crushed again when the series is eventfully gets cancelled. I can't take this kind of pressure ... even if it is unrationable and self-inflicting. *breathe* So I took a brave step and I watched it and ..... it is cute ... I mean really cute. The characters are well written and the main character - Michelle played by Sutton Foster - reminds me of Lauren Graham. I have started saving it on my DVR (thank goodness for that thing).  It even has regular cameos of other equally favorite GG alumni *YEAAAA*  There is Rose Abdoo (Gypsy), Gregg Henry (Mitchum Huntzberger), Chris Eigeman (Jason “Digger”), Sean Gunn (Kirk), Todd Lowe (Zack), Biff Yeager (Tom), Alex Borstein (Drella), and one of my favorites Lisa Weil (Paris) high strung as ever :D

I didn't start watching Gilmore Girls until the beginning of Season 3 (and then the obsession that would change my life began) Dramatic? Perhaps ... but it is true. I realized that carrying a book around with you in your purse isn't that weird. How going back to school isn't that unheard of at my age. That it is true that taking good notes and using cards and doing your best does have its own rewards. And sniffing books isn't that odd. OK maybe it is a bit odd *sigh* Man I miss that show .. now I have to go make some coffee and watch a few episodes of GG to self-soothe.