Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Say Hello To ....

 For our 18th anniversary we decided to get a companion. We felt that we were ready. We knew we wanted a rescue dog. We knew we did NOT want: a puppy, small dogs (Chihuhuas are mean) or any large 'angry' breeds (NO Pit Bulls or Dobbermans for me), we don't mind a large dog (Labs or Shephards) but since we do live in Phoenix we don't want anything with too much fur (Huskies or Saint Bs). So I went onto the humane society's website and made our list. Getting a new pet is a VERY BIG DEAL!!  The right breed, size, back story and if they were raised with a family or with other pets can make the difference between a good adjustment and one gone horribly wrong.

The next morning ... bright and early at 9 am we drove down to one of their two sites and they were closed and it wouldn't be opened for another 2 hours! I didn't ever think to look at the time ... sorry Honey, my bad.  So we drove to the other site which was the farthest away (which happens to be a no-kill shelter) but had most of the dogs on our list. And we get there and they are also closed but atleast this time they will open in half an hour. So we drove around and got alittle bit of something to eat. With list in hand we walked-in and we were guided to the other buildings (3 in total) where the dogs were lodged. We looked at my list and read the back stories, we spoke and touched so many lovely pets-to-be. A few on my list were getting adopted already (yea!) And the others were either too shy toward guys or shouldn't really be around other pets (and we have the bird AND the cat to think about). After 3 hours ... it was down to two, one from my list (2 yrs old, good breed, super friendly) and one that wasn't (5mths old, pit/terrier/dachshund mix, quiet but friendly). We took the first out to walk and I expected tugging and being overly excited but she rushed the gates with the other animals in a les than pleasant manner (yikes ... not cool when we go camping). We took the other one out and he was super friendly as can be and our visit went really well and we knew .... we just knew ... we have found our next family member. *Sigh*
So, World meet Henry. Henry meet the World.

Henry ... pay attention buddy ...

Hennrryyy not my flower bed ...

Ohhhhh Henry ....

SNAP!!!   Perfection =D
We have him about 99% potty trained, he is about 90% fetch the ball trained, 90% walking with a leash trained, and he has 100% melted our hearts. Even though is supposed to have Pit Bull in him ... it must be just a drop ... he looks and behaves just like a Parson Russell Terrier/Dachshund mix. He has these short little legs and he has developed behaviors and expressions that remind us of Rio and Arnold. He has such a wonderful personality and we can't wait to take him camping/hiking (which we can't until he get all of his puppy shots *tears*). Am I gushing ... I know I am ... I am sooooo sorry but I just can't help it =D

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy 18th!!

And not a second has gone by that I haven't thanked Jehovah for you.
I absolutely adore you!