Monday, June 14, 2010

Movie Hoarding (Long)

There are two movies that I am hoarding from Netflix now - I don't mean to but there is something within these movies that says keep me one more day and really watch me because I am going to show you something great. So I do :D

We will start with "The Blindside". OK - so to me this movie was a less dramatic version of "Rudy" (great movie go rent it!) Not less serious but not as heavy - "Rudy" had a sad heaviness about it. But "The Blindside" even though it has sad moments (and yes I cried) it is about the power of not giving up...on yourself or someone else. So you come out .. uplifted!

When you watch the movie (or read the book) there are 100 different times when Michael Oher could have said "forget you people and stupid your rules - I'm outta here" and just left and gone off and hung out at some nobody's couch and lived his life in quiet-misery. But he didn't - he stuck thru it - thru every practice, every class, and all the hours getting tutored (and there were ALOT) Wow - that is all I think when I watch this movie. Just -Wow!
I really liked Tim McGraw in this movie. Shhh don't tell anyone. LOL The scene when LeAnne calls the coach during a game and then he hangs up - she is like he hung up on me and Sean (with a straight face) was like no the call must have dropped - and a new classic line is born. These are two independent people that use each other as support but not a crutch. Never depending on the other to define whom they are as individuals. Which trickles to the children - there isn't any over coddling - they support without being over the top and even with Michael - they support him with out babying him about his situation. And Sandra B brought the out part in every mother - the part of "what if that was my child". You can see it with every patience sigh and every delicate move with Michael.
There are a few scenes: when LeAnne is showing Michael his room and she is going on about hideous futons and not allowing it in my house (she is a decorator and they see things aesthetically) and Michael responds that he never had a bed of his own. I cried - never had his own bed. Wow moment. LeAnne goes to her room - I can just imagine what she was I am going on about a futon in a careless way and not thinking that someone else somewhere doesn't have what I consider a basic home item and how much that must of meant to him. The next scene is the one above...they are at a book store and the kids are like remember Mom when you read us this book and this one and LeAnne was Michael did your Mom ever read either of these books to you and the way he shook his head - she knew...she knew that he might not have ever been read to and how there isn't anything as beautiful as a bedtime story. The thing about this movie is that you were waiting for something that never came - the kids rolling their eyes or their friends saying something snotty or someone being rude and say well did your mom/family do with you or when seated at a restaurant and someone saying that guy can't be here but there wasn't anything. If people were thinking something - they kept it to themselves. As it should be.
Great movie! Go rent it - you will be a better person for watching it!!
Next movie is "It's Complicated". Wow what a cute movie (personally I liked "Something's Gotta Give" better but my Mr. found this one to be much much funnier) Either way - a must watch. Alec and Meryl are good together and I loooooved Steve Martin. It's is a bit of a cliche' movie a 20 year marriage breaks up because the husband has an affair with a 20 something and then marries her but now that it has been 10 after the divorce all the "what ifs" in life creep up. The kids in this movie are just too pretty - they all could be models. The son-in-law to be was sooo funny.  I like this movie so much that I've been obsessively listening to "History Repeating" by the talented Ms Shirley Bassey with the Propellerheads. Great song!!
Besides the OMG moments. The best parts of this film is the set. It is soooo beautifully done - I want to move to Santa Barbara even though the interior was shot in a sound stage in Brooklyn.

Super cool - super casual. I want to live here!!Clean lines but not stark - cute but not cutsey.
And OMG! The best part - her shop!!!!


This is my idea of a perfect date - quiet table for 2 please  : D

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