Monday, December 18, 2017

More DIY Ornaments

I truly enjoyed making ornaments this year with the Maddy. Which then really sparked my crafting bug.  I was just cruising around the net just to see if there was something I would be interested in doing either for this year [which I know I don't have time for] or next [which then I am getting ahead of myself] and I stumbled onto these fun projects on the WHOot. I am thinking the girl elf would be a cute present. In the past I have done my Advent boxes but maybe next near I might make these adorable stockings. Check out the site - there was some cute gifts to bake, crochet, and knit [the lamb pillow and baby booties are just too much].

These are a cute all hung up [theWHOot]
I mean seriously how adorable are these Elves [theWHOot]

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday Savannah!!

May you live a long life
full of gladness and health.
May the dreams you hold dearest.
Be those which come true.
The kindness you spread.
Keep returning to you.  

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veteran's Day

Thanking all those who served and those serving today.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Happy 22nd Anniversary

This is the year .. this year you are going to fall deeply and madly in love with me.
Sweetheart .. I already am. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I know what you are thinking ... What? It is barely September! .. I know but I just could not help myself. Hubby agrees with you but compromised that I could only do the inside.  I think in some bizarre way that if I put out Autumn decorations that nice weather will bestow upon the land. I know it is not rational but it just has been sooo warm for sooo long.

So this past weekend the Fall d├ęcor boxes were brought in to be sifted through. It is like seeing some very dear friends .. beautiful memories just flood to the present. We have been to Hobby Lobby and Michaels and just picking up just little filler items. I am thinking of getting a new wreath for the front door -- I am still on the hunt for the perfect item.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Kerplunk!! Minion Style

With the temperature holding steading around 100* Mr. and I were trying to come up with creative and fun ways to spend time with Baby Bean. We are so blessed that we get to spend nearly every Saturday with her. We are about half and half with taking her back to our home to play with Henry or run around outside or play in her little pool and taking her on an outing like an indoor play land or Children's Museum.

She is 3 1/2 and is such a wonderful joyful child with tremendous energy. One of the joys we found is that she enjoys is bean bag toss. We set up in the hall way and she knows that her spot is next to the outlet while ours is about a foot behind her. She waits her turn and is so enthusiastic when someone else gets the point. To her it is just a matter of having fun .. not score keeping or winning. Which is great because I am horrible at this game and she will more than likely win anyhow.

Christmas 2016

Mr. and I were at the store running some errands and he says how he would like to see if we can find a game we can play with her. He was leaning toward board games but when we started figuring out what we wanted to accomplish [enjoy an interactive game .. no bells or sirens .. nothing too drawn out or complicated] we saw that Kerplunk had a Minion version .. well we had found our new fun activity. Since we play bean bag toss as a one on one and this one is played by everyone she does try to get a turn after each person. No Maddy ...  it goes Pop-Pop, Grandma then you ... not Maddy, Pop-Pop, Maddy, Grandma and Maddy again. Nice try kiddo. That and she thinks the object is to have the Minions fall. She isn't yet into winning/losing or whose pile is bigger but she does sit and counts everyone's pieces and then she says good job [10 Minions Pop-Pop good job --- heart melting].

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Summer Re-Cap

WOW!! The calendar is saying summer is about over and Autumn is fast approaching. Truthfully it doesn't feel that way here in Phoenix --- it typically stays warm up until November. I thought I would do a quick recap of our summer activities.

Our one big outing was to the Children's Museum. It is in a refurbished old school in downtown and it is pretty cool. Since it still has the old charm it made me feel like I was back in the 4th grade -- no running in the hallway and keeping your voice a bit lower. The activities were not only created to spark imagination but allow the kids to play in each other's imaginary world. Maddy can be a bit shy around others - she stands there and stares at them - but when asked to play she is all in. She watches what others are doing as if she is seeing an instructional video before she starts any activity. There was the rolling balls through a maze [different start points have different endings], the  pretend market / restaurant, and there was pool noodles hanging from the ceiling maze. Which was a BLAST!! When you first walk in to the museum you see this mammoth play structure and the first thing I thought is that Maddy will never go in that. Well .. I was wrong. Mind you she wouldn't go by herself but she did have a buddy who was willing to go into 'The Cage'. Are you guys taking in just how HUGE this thing is!! The pictures don't do it justice .. this thing was ginormous!!!

We balance our Grandparent outings with just bringing her home to enjoy some quieter times such as movies, games, pool, or just laying on the grass and watching the clouds. 

Watching kitten videos with Pop-Pop