Tuesday, July 3, 2018

5 Easy Ways to Celebrate July 4th

Whether you are Democratic or Republican, Liberal or Conservative our Nation should be celebrated. This year instead of treating this one day in the same down played ho-hum way as any other day .. let us take a moment a put a little more thought. Make today not just a night event but a whole day fan-fare that ends with a great light show!!

You can start and end today the same way .. with prayer. A prayer of thanks for where you get to live and for the many sacrifices that have been made to protect it. A prayer to watch over those who are here  A prayer of protections from those who wish to take away our freedom and security. A prayer to help heal and better ourselves.

One of the easiest ways is to show your patriotic colors. Wearing the red, white and blue is a visual way to show those around you that you support our Nation and it can be worn casually and at work.

Casual Outfit

Work Outfit

Wake up early and go watch your local Independence Day parade. Most town have some type of event to celebrate our Nation during the day. I remember watching parades as a kid and I was always so excited. Now thinking about it .. I do not really know what caught my interest but I was always memorized.

Saturday Evening Post July 1954

Decorate your home with banners, buntings, mini flags, different colors flower or/and pots or with just a simple wreath.

And last .. is if you are going to have a BBQ then put a little extra planning and make it theme. Even if you are not hosting an event have fun with the d├ęcor. This could be as simple as red and blue plates from the dollar store. You can also make blueberry and raspberry Jello with whipped cream or add angel food cake for a layered truffle. Or red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting with blueberries. The ideas are endless.


Now with your house decorated, you dressed in your colors and the party theme laid out you can truly celebrate with your family as a full day event that ends with poppers, sparklers and little prayer.

Saturday, June 30, 2018


I have been OBSESSED with reading Jaws this summer. I was getting so disappointed because I had such a hard time finding it.  I went to Barnes and Noble, visited some used book stores and at any store that seemed to have a book section .. with no luck. I know that I could have just ordered it off of Amazon but I like to buy locally as much as possible.

 Recently my daughter told me about an app called Libby - which is connected to the library system.  Well, I did not find the book but I did find the audio version. I am not a big audio book person due to my mind wondering and I find myself half way through a chapter thinking 'who is this guy' or 'wait who done it?'. But I thought what do I do lose .. if I do not like it I will go on Amazon or simply choose a different book to obsess about.

Man am I glad I listened. It was so captivating. The narrator did the different voices and the story line was a bit more in depth than the movie .. it was just a great summer read [or listen].

I won't even bother with giving you the premise since the movie follows closely to the book. However, I will say a few things about the book and the man. It was written in 1974 by American author Peter Benchley and who passed away recently in 2006. He is the son of Nathaniel Benchley who was also an American writer of children's books and Novels and incidentally had a couple of his works turned into movies.  Jaws went on to be on the New York best seller's list for about 43 weeks. The author also was a conservationist. He was a spokesman for the Environmental Defense Fund and worked with WildAid, traveling to teach about sharks and to try to warn against the practice of killing sharks for their fins, a delicacy especially popular in Asia. Peter's wife has said "Many of the letters he got were from people who read 'Jaws' as a kid and were captivated by it, and who then went on to become marine biologists or who were teachers who would focus some of their time on the ocean. Maybe when 'Jaws' first came out people were scared of the water. But the next generation found a great adventure story, and many of them wanted to learn about the ocean. That thrilled Peter." 

Love it or hate it .. for the past 44 years this book [and movie] has impacted the way we see the ocean. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Monday, December 18, 2017

More DIY Ornaments

I truly enjoyed making ornaments this year with the Maddy. Which then really sparked my crafting bug.  I was just cruising around the net just to see if there was something I would be interested in doing either for this year [which I know I don't have time for] or next [which then I am getting ahead of myself] and I stumbled onto these fun projects on the WHOot. I am thinking the girl elf would be a cute present. In the past I have done my Advent boxes but maybe next near I might make these adorable stockings. Check out the site - there was some cute gifts to bake, crochet, and knit [the lamb pillow and baby booties are just too much].

These are a cute all hung up [theWHOot]
I mean seriously how adorable are these Elves [theWHOot]

Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Tree is Finally Done!!!!!

This year I was determined to have our tree showcase some handmade crafts created by myself and Maddy. So off to Hobby Lobby I went and found soooooo many great ideas. My challenge was to find something that I can make with an almost 4 year old but not have the decoration look like .. well … that it was made by a toddler. So I gave myself a some time to make little projects with her and kept her part pretty simple. She was fine for one or two items then off she went to play with Henry .. go fetch Henry .. good boy. So for most of the season all we had were the lights, some beads and Angel on top and it looked simple and lovely. But we finally got done with painting and gluing and this is what we got. And every day I see this tree and have some wonderfully sweet memories.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Winnie the Pooh Christmas

Every year for about the last ten years my eldest daughter and I have attended this play. That would have made her around 16 give or take when we found this little treasure.

Every year we have made it a point to go - just a little mother/daughter bonding time. And after we hit the nearby Farmer's Market and just enjoy each other's company. It is held at the Valley Youth Theater and the whole play is acted by kids for kids. I am sure we look a bit weird going but it doesn't matter to us. Every year we enjoy going through the handout and reading who moved up to the main characters. The first time we took Maddy she was bit put off -- she did not care for a giant 6 foot Eeyore or all the singing .. it took her until the second half to warm up to the idea and just enjoy the show. But this year she remembered enough to be excited for it. She still wanted nothing to do with meeting the cast afterwards .. especially the 6 foot Eeyore. 

If  you are ever in the area you must visit the Valley Youth Theater.  I just hope the theater plans on keeping this play for another 22 years or longer. I am looking forward to watching it with my great-grand children. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Christmas Around the House

Even though we usually start with decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving Day. This year it took us a little bit longer. However, knowing that we would be super busy at work and our weekends are full of activities we could not take too long. I rushed so much I forgot to take pictures of the new garland we got but I did get a picture of our new clock. We got it at Lowell's .. well we almost didn't. I spotted it and like usually took too long to decide if I wanted it that when we went back it was gone. *GASP* Not only were they sold out at the store but all the nearby store too. *TEARS*  We ended getting the display model and I was a happy girl again. The train goes around and the pendulum is Santa's sleigh [which was the blurry part of the picture].

The village display got a few new trees, lamp posts, figures, light up batting and it came out lovely. I am sure this will spark the imagination of a sweet little girl.