Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Quickly .. I just wanted to post that my next book on the list is I, Michael Bennett. This is yet another collaboration by James Patterson this time with Michael Ledwidge. I was wandering around the library (like I always do) and it was down to this one and Zoo ... this one won :)  The cover reads 'move over Alex Cross' ... well we will just see about that.
Another quick note - I just saw the movie Alex Cross ... NO! NO! NO!  I wanted sooooo bad to like this movie but even though I like Tyler Perry as an actor, I couldn't get my head around that he was to be Alex Cross. This movie was just missing something .. I can't quite put my finger on it. It seems to me that there were ALOT of inconsistencies. I didn't think Maria died like that *.* And I didn't think Cross got Maria's real killer like that either ~_~ It was also based in Detroit and believe that in the book it is set in Washington DC. I also didn't like Matthew Fox as 'The Butcher' maybe because last month we got done watching Lost and to me he is this nice guy and the crazy eyes don't work for him. But on the upside I did like Cicely Tyson as Nana. I enjoyed A LOT  'Kiss The Girls' and 'Along Came A Spider' and even though they have inconsistencies at least THEY offered some sort of realism to the viewer ... Casanova, Sonji and Jezzie were believable - even though Casanova was Westley from the 'Princess Bride' - you believed he could have a dungeon full of women.

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