Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tile Update & Relaxing Sunday

Last night right before midnight we got done putting up the tile in the kitchen ... minus the grouting. The transformation of the kitchen is ridiculous! The backsplash we chose is a white subway tile and it will be grouted in bright white ... I think that would be a nice clean neutral background and it can be changed out either by season or when I decide I am getting tired of the whole 'Midwest old farmhouse' look. Our reward for finishing the tiling is a nice relaxing Sunday. As we 'speak' Mr. is watching his Star Trek series and I am spending a few hours with my much beloved Girls and working on a project for the Grand-Princess. Before we got started on the house I was working thru the Seasons and was on the last disc of Season 2. Oy with the poodles already *giggles* Well, I best get back to my project or I will never get done.

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