Sunday, December 28, 2014

Broncos Toes ~ 17

As you can see I kept the design super simple. The color combinations are as followed :: the orange combo is two coats of Pure Ice # 1029 'Drive Me Crazy' and the third coat is Sinful Colors # 853 Cloud 9  ~ I am telling you I am really liking the orange I think I will be purchasing a lot more tangerine colors for summer. The top/bottom stripes are Apple Barrel # 20503 White and I dotted Pure Ice # 1094 'Teal Appeal'  with my trusty bobby pin. I know it isn't much but with relatives coming this week to celebrate our family Christmas I am busy finishing last minute projects (I will let you know what they are when I know they have all received them) and getting the house ready. Hopefully this will be enough to keep the Team going.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

A Snow Woman .. it's about time someone thought of it
May you and your family have a safe and wonderful Christmas

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Broncos Toes ~ 15 and 16

Where did the time go? I just started a new job and now I work a crazy amount of hours and once I get home I review my notes from work (does anybody else do that?) next thing I know it's time for bed and the moments I do have open have been filled with holiday shopping, gift wrapping, cookie baking and projects. I tell you what I am one tired Mrs. *_*  Getting a pedicure has been the last thing on my mind and I think our beloved team has felt it. So this coming week I will do something (I am not too sure it will be fancy but something is better than nothing) and get into a consistent rhythm and life will be beyond fantastic.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Broncos Toes - 14

This week I have been fighting such a sweet tooth that it has been unreal. I have started a new job and with that goes all the anxiety of meeting new people and learning new skills .. don't get me wrong I am LOVING IT .. but I could have definitely have eaten the whole bakery section at Sprout's *.* So instead of indulging in the temptation and regreting it afterwards I decided to do something fun and put it on my toes. Wow .. that does sound weird. I looked up on YouTube some cupcake nail art tutorials and doodled away. I kept my pedi very simple and did just the orange which I got the color by using two coats of Pure Ice # 1029 'Drive Me Crazy' and the two coats is Sinful Colors # 853 Cloud 9. I also did the orange on the top third of the mama nail .. taped it off and painted the blue combo which is one coat of Pure Ice # 1094 'Teal Appeal' and a light coat of NYC # 140 'Empire State Blue'After taking off the tape I let it dry over night before using the Apple Barrel # 20503 White  and my trusty bobby pin and did some rows of dots .. just don't cover the whole toe and make sure you keep the white 'fluffy'.  When that dried .. which wasn't long since I used the craft paint .. I did some tiny sprinkles in Pure Ice # 1029 'Drive Me Crazy' and # 1094 'Teal Appeal' and topped it off with a cherry and heart in Sally Hansen Hard As Nails #450 Tons of Bricks and did a top coat. Doesn't this look super duper cute?!?! This was such a fun nail art project that I know I will be sad to take it off but I will definitely have to remember this design for my birthday month.

Remember Pearl

Pearl Harbor 2011 - each memorial represents a ship and lists its casualties

USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Where's Melissa?

Everywhere .. that's where. This woman always seems to be super busy. She had two movies come out this year, Tammy and St. Vincent (with the ever so charming Bill Murray) and a full time gig with Mike and Molly whose 5 season premiers December 8th. PLUS she is launching her new clothing line in 2015 (with accessories and beauty products to come in 2016/2017). According to the article in Today .. fashion was her first passion ever since grade school and she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York before even thinking about getting into acting. Good for her .. she seems like such a wonderful person and I wish her nothing less than the very best. But know ~ to me she will always be Sookie St. James.