Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Update Over Dinner ...

Hi Everyone ... I hope everyone's Memorial weekend went well. We finally got some much needed rest. The weekend before we got done with the flooring!! Aahhhh!!! I am sooo excited. EVERYTHING is looking so great ... I can't wait to show you and as soon as I can remember where I put the cords then I can upload the pictures. :) I have been snapping away (when I can remember) because NOBODY is going to believe the difference.

Things that have been done so far:
build wall (frame/drywall/mud)
primer/paint the walls & ceiling
installed new floors
installed new island
installed new counters
primer/paint cabinets & hardware
installed new sink & faucet
installed new dishwasher
installed new garbage disposal
installed new blinds
Things that still need to be done:
tile backsplash (I know ... should have done that already)
 trim around doors/windows
 shelf units in den
shelf units around fireplace
build desk in kitchen
finishing decorating touches
And when ALLLLLL that gets done we will tackle the guest bathroom and update that. THEN go back into the guest room to put down new floors and touch up the walls where it is scuffed up. THEN go into the craft room to repaint the shelves & beadboard, touch up the walls and put down quarter round to hold the new floors. THEN do the master bedroom/bathroom and by that time I will be about 175 years old and I can finally sit down and enjoy my beautiful home. PHEW!! But we are loooooving every moment (well most moments). We work so well together that it doesn't seem intrusive into 'our' time ... it seems more like a creative hobby we do together. And we get a kick telling people how WE did things ourselves. Well I am done eating dinner and tonight we are prepping the kitchen walls for tiling. Talk soon.

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