Friday, May 21, 2010

Shabbat Shalom

And to make it your aim to live quietly and to mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we ordered you; so that you may be walking decently as regards people outside and not be needing anything.
1 Thessalonians 4:11

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Into The Great Wide Open ...

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
*Eleanor Roosevelt *

In the next few weeks we will be closing the chapter for a few of our little doves that are leaving the nests.

David...Wow! What a great year for you! Sr Pres, court, sports and working-you have been a busy boy. David has accepted a job with a great company doing what he loves.  Lucky you! He will be traveling everywhere so hopefully he will remember his Uncle B and Aunt Roxy when it is time to check in with the family.   

Next is our son Jonathon. He is planning on just working and traveling around and he is starting in the midwest. Which is quite brave since we don't know anyone in the midwest. Which might be part of the allure. ; D With his spunk, I'm sure he will meet some nice people to help watch over him. I can't wait to hear the stories. Just remember to be careful AND TO CALL HOME!! LOL!!
We have been blessed with having 2 smart and beautiful daughters and our youngest, Clorissa, is finishing school at the end of the month. With homecoming court and cheer, she has had a very busy Sr year. She lives up north, so we are not too sure exactly what her plans are after grad but I'm sure, just like the guys, they will be bold and brave. Hopefully travel will be in her plans (hint,hint).
Enjoy your adventures (life goes by too fast), donate you time or money to good causes (this will help feed your soul), don't be afraid to meet new people (there are some nice people out there), don't stay out too late the night before a big meeting (it never goes how you planned), make sure "the one" is worthy of you (you kids are too great to settle), eat your veggies (it'll keep you out of the doc office), have a keepsake box (I have stubs of every movie any of us have gone to for the last 15 years - great memories). Text, e-mail, snail mail, or just a simple call. Heck we are not picky - just in love with all 3 of you. Be safe in your adventures and may God be watching and blessing all your footsteps.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hooked On The Dragonfly Inn

Hey - GG fans! Hooked On Houses (link is sidebared) is featuring our deloved Dragonfly Inn!! I went to take a peak for some living/dinning room and kitchen ideas and there it was. Oh and Madness was playing "One Step Beyond" (it's the song that Lane picked for her cheer squad) - creeeppy. The Dragonfly's interior always made it seem like Mary Engelberg decorated it - black, yellow, cherry red and a bit of green. I looove Sookie's kitchen I think it is charming - a bit busy for me but very charming. So go visit Julia - I have a feeling you'll be adding her to your favorites. :  D

Friday, May 14, 2010

Face Facts

A few questions I get in my everyday life is regarding face and makeup products. I will start by saying that I try not to use products that have either animal by-products (which is hard) or have been animal tested (also a bit tricky) ESPECIALLY products that don't cost alot ($50 for a foundation to me is a lot) If you go onto PETA's site CaringConsumers.Com you will find a list of companies. You can search by product (makeup, hair, personal care, ect) and you will get a HUGE list. From this approved list you will see companies that do not test such as: Revlon, Aveda, Bonne Belle, Carmex, CO Bigelow, E.L.F. Cosmetics, ect. So from this list I can purchase economical items without a: going broke and b: still keep my beliefs. Which I see as a win-win. Now let's say that I need an item and there isn't a company approved product - my next thing I look at, is the magic word biodegradable. If I can not save the animals or planet from suffering before the making of the prouct then I can try not to make my actions worsen the state of those in my immediate area. Another words - I can not save what happened from others actions but I can make sure that mine doesn't harm the environment around me. So that's what I do - I own Avon, NY Color and Hard Candy - which stamp their products non animal tested. Or I will make my own and I will share some favorite recipes with you. I wash my face with DDF Glycolic Wash and use Burt Bee's serum. Sure they might not be as good as some other companies but good enough is just fine by me. No animal should ever be harmed in order for me to be able to be "put together"!! *INHALE-EXHALE* I am not a radical vegan or anything just a simple person with a simple idea of protecting those who can not protect themselves. So I try to eat whole foods and cooking from scratch - limiting my box items that have very few ingredients (rice, cereal, oatmeal, almond milk) - and my version of eating out is grabbing taquitos from the frozen section of the store (which I don't do too often*wink*)get my sleep, excercise, enjoy my life, and wear TONS of sunscreen. And from this my skin my might have more hyperpigmentation (sun spots) than I want and I might not be as thin as I would want to be and I so far have no health issues (I don't get sick and all my body parts works) and people always tell me how they think I am 10 years younger ( if I told you my age I would have to kill you and then who will follow me : D)

Now how can anyone test on something so precious is beyond me - I could never look those people in the eye and be ok with what they do.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Robin

Another Robin Hood movie! Are you serious!?! Is there truely a need for it? Well aparently there is because another one is out. This one is with Russell C as Robin Hood and even though I have only seen the previews for it - already seems like Lord of the Rings (meaning that it's a bit gloomier and a bit darker) than the others. Well this started me thinking about ALL the Robin movies I have seen and here are my favorite picks in order.  
#4 Robin and Marian
Even though I was young when this movie came out in 1976 - I best remember seeing it in my early teens. This is the "then what happened" story of Robin and Marian - give you a hint if you haven't seen it. They broke up and she joined a convent. Well what else would a woman do if they broke up with Sean Connary? It has Robert Shaw and Audrey Hepburn (who was away from movies for about 9 years).
#3  Robin Hood - Men in Tights
Now what is there not to like about Men in Tights. Leave it to Mel Brooks to bring a movie that has singing, silliness, and best of all men in tights. It has a great cast: Carey Elwes (who is such a pretty man), Richard Lewis, Amy Yasbeck, Dave Chappelle, and Isaac Hayes (remember the theme song to Shaft). Funny, funny movie.
#2 Robin Hood
I like this 1974 Walt Disney version of Robin Hood. I can't help it - when I see this movie I feel like I am 5 again. I can not imagine someone going through their entire life without having watched this movie.
#1 Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves
Now I don't know why anybody pretends that this isn't the best Robin Hood movie EVER! This movie came out in 1991 and even the sound track (Bryan Adams "Everything I do") did very well. Kevin C is a great Robin - he bring out Robin's charm and charisma. He and Morgan Freeman were so funny together. And Alan Rickman as the Sheriff - "I will cut his heart out with a spoon" "Why a spoon Cousin" " Because it's dull - it'll hurt more, you twit!" classic. And Mary Elizabeth M. makes a strong Marion. And the embrace at the end between Robin and Marion when he rescued her "you came for me .. I would die for you" Yup I teared up.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Calling All GG Fans!!

For those of you who can not get enough of your favorite Girls - I have found a sweet fan-fiction spot for you. If you go to you will find new "episodes". They are written in book form and they have taken our Girls thru season 10. The writting is not bad but so far I am only on S8E1 and you know how sllllooooww I read (I'd make a horrible Gilmore Girl) but what I lack in reading speed I make up in vocal speed. (It's the coffee ; D) So if you go over to read - DON'T tell me anything - you'll spoil it for me. LOL. So grab your coffee, sit back and enjoy some light reading my friends.

Friday, May 7, 2010

In The Garden

There is a time for everything.. a time to reap ... a time to sowe ... a time to transplate. : D  I got a few bulbs a bit back and put them in some containers and they were sitting pretty by my front door. And every time I passed by the aroma welcomed me home. But now they are going into their dormant stage. *Sigh*
So into the ground they go until next year when it surprises me with a green little sprig sprouting through the ground to let me know that spring is coming.
I moved my stevia plant into a larger pot and here it sits with my mint. Isn't it HUGE! It's all because of ....
.. this little guy. I got it for my birthday from a good friend Lauren (aka Redneck Princess) It is liquid plant food for potted plants but of course I don't listen too well and I put alittle bit through out the garden especially the potted items (mint and strawberries) And it made such a difference. Look at how beautiful it makes everything.
These are my herbs .. this past winter I lost my basil ... my first basil death LOL
Check out my jasmine plant - isn't it awesome
I thought that Carol King's Jazzman was Jasmine
I am the first to admit that I am a dork : D

Cat Naps

Give me a place to lay my head .....
and I will be yours forever.

Shabbat Shalom

No temptation has taken you except what is common to men. But God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear, but along with the temptation he will also make the way out in order for you to be able to endure it.  1 Cor 10:13

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm Done!!

Putting this skirt together during my spare time has been very relaxing. Stealing a few mins for myself in between jobs or cleaning - I probably could have found more time and made the project go quicker.
Now I need to clean my mess and figure what my next project will be. Hmmmm.......
A reward for my hard efforts  :  D
"I’m very fond of men. I think they are wonderful creatures. I love them dearly. But I don’t want to look like one." ~Tasha Tudor

Whenever I Return ...

.. from a trip - no matter how long we have been gone - I feel at ease. Whenever I start seeing the familiar of my comfort zone I know I am home. I like the excitement of being in a new place but to be home feels .... bittersweet. For better or for worse this is my life.
Season 2 Ep 4  Road Trip To Harvard
*Lorelai has decided not to marry Max and took a road trip with Rory to where else ..... Harvard*

RORY: Feel like we've been gone a long time.
LORELAI: You know what's weird? Every time I leave town, even for just a little while, I always expect everything to look different.
RORY: And it never does.
LORELAI: It never does.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thank You San Diego

When we got done at the Wildlife Zoo we stopped at Orfila Vineyards for a little refreshment or maybe something to eat. When we got there we walked into a ... bridal show! Mr. thought we were crashing a wedding LOL Guys, thank goodness they are cute : p  So after looking around (and taking in the BEAUTIFUL scenary)and people congradulating us for being married for 15 years - we belled up to the tasting bar. And after a few tastings, we came home with a Coastal White Reisling. It is soo good. And we decided to open it on our anniversary with a cozy meal for 2  ; D  - If you are planning a wedding and live near there, I encourage you to go onto their website or give them a call because it would be a spectacular place for such a wonderful day. From here we go on our way back to Mission Bay Drive where Sea World is at and kept driving figuring there were will find a beach and maybe a restaurant with a view to have our last dinner at. Well we found a roller coaster then a life tower then ..... WATER!! So we walk the board walk and pass little shops and eating places and bars (which we like a quiet dinner for two without the loud club music) We ended up eating at a little blib of a place called Sportsmen's Seafood which was by the docks - we had a seafood platter and watched boats dock for the night.

Thank you again San Diego for a memerable week.
"Stay Classy San Diego"   The Legend of Ron Burgandy

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Purple Grapes!

This weeks color comes from my good friend Frannie K. who lent me her Purple With A Purpose from OPI. As half the world already knows, I am not a fan of dark polish but this one isn't too deep of purple where it looks black. (Thank goodness :p) I do like OPI for its staying power but if you change nail color with every wardrobe change then you might want to invest in a more economical brand BUT if you keep your color for a week (or longer) then OPI should be one of (if not your only) gotta have brand. Ok gotta go and workout now talk to you guys later. B safe. PS the grapes were good : D

San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park

So, after yesterdays trek uphill, both ways (LOL), we were super sore. We even started much latter than the other two days - we didn't start off until almost 11am. Unlike the other two day trips, our hotel did not shuttle to the Wild Zoo. So with map in hand (and mapquest) we decided to venture off in search of Shangrala. : D  Mapquest confused us, so we returned to the hotel and turned around and went off again in search of Shangrala. We weren't too concerned about getting lost - we figured we would either run into the ocean or signs saying "Welcome to Orgegon", "Arizona" or "you need a passport pass this point". LOL!! The Wild Zoo is in Escondido, which I guess is a neighboring town approx. 45mins north of San Diego (we didn't know this figuring the name we thought they were MUCH closer together-at least within the same city limits). We get to this really beautiful town and follow the signs - which leads us around the town - on a two way street thru some really pretty wine country (which if we survived today's adventure we would stop back at). Finally we get there and get showed where to park -at the bottom of another hill- we walk a bit to find a sign that says "Almost there just a 10min more walk" - I almost cried. But we made it! Walked around - in search of ... coffee of course. Our pass also included a tram tour - which was pretty cool. So enjoy these pics.
This was to represent an African Marsh.  If this is Africa get me a passport. 
The 3 razor backs were awe-inspiring.

 A Keeper Was Throwing Food Down For Them 
Shh Kitty Sleeping  : D
We are done!!! Let us find solace with a good glass of wine.  : p