Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finally - Done Reading

I am finally done reading this book! Yea!! LOL ;D I just had a hard time getting through it - the "club" finally got put together about 1/3 way into the book. The first part of the book just seemed to drag forever (I understand setting up the characters blah blah blah but seriously 1/3 of the book) because of this I kept putting the book down and reading other things. There is a lot of characters to remember (with the Alex Cross series it is him and Samson - that's it and a few minor people) this bloody thing had 4 girls plus all the other characters. I just couldn't keep the visual of everyone in my head - maybe I need to watch the movies to get some perspective. If you can get through the beginning it is has a good story line written in Patterson's extrodinary style.

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