Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hold The Presses!

As you know I am reading Little Women for my first book of the year. And I am enjoying it ... I am at the part where Jo moves to New York.  About that later.  Last week I went and checked out from the library my next TWO books (to be fair they are smaller books ~ 350 pages/book) to be read in the month of February. And yesterday I went online line to renew another book (a skandinavian project book ... pretty cool actually ... when I pick a project I will link it up) and one of the books for February is NOT renewable AND due back on the 2nd! The 2nd!!!  I have been reading a few extra pages a day just to get done with Little Women by the end of this month (instead of 7th) *.* The best laid plans ... right?

So, what to do in this dilemma? Well, I can continue to read Little Women and return the other book without reading it. OR I can pause on Little Women since I own the book and read the new one. Needless to say ...  I chose the later.

Well ... my current read is Little House on the Prairie. Yup ... that's the book that is on everyone's MUST READ list. There must be at least 10 copies of this book and alllll of them are checked out. That is just crazy! But that made me intrigued and now I gotsta read it  :p I am going to post about why I picked it and the complimentary read ~ not in my next book post (that one should be my review of Little Women) but the one after. I still can't believe all this nonsense for a kid's book. But it is what it is.
Also, my Mr is fighting a would-be flu ~ he takes enough vitamins to keep his immune system strong so his flu is very mild ... he mostly feels run down like his body is fighting something bad *o* I have some quick recipes I will try to post about what we do here (disclaimer ... I am not a doctor, work for one, consult yours before trying ... AKA use your judgement). And I have a post on the blanket I am making and THE MOST helpful video tutorials EVER! 

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