Monday, August 30, 2010

Need To Watch

I have two movies to review today and they could not be any more different from one another but both are worth the 2 hours to watch.
 "The Losers" 2010 is about a group of elite ops who get framed for a mission gone bad. This reminds me of the A-Team and it is funny. And already a few spots in the movie have become our little tag lines.

"Fireproof"2008 is about a firefighter whose marriage is in trouble. This is the Kirk Cameron I always knew he could be - very dramatic. The argument scenes with his wife - I was like wooow. I didn't care for the wife much *sorry* but the other firefighters were funny. A must watch if you are dating or married*your relationship doesn't need to be in trouble for you to remember how fragile the heart is. PS also loving the house d├ęcor :p

Sunday, August 15, 2010

School This Week ....

... went by pretty quick. I am off and running with my case studies. I felt very confident working on them. I have noticed that somewhere within the first 1/2 of the service I stand up and finishing working. I thought it was weird - I didn't do it in Module 1 - I'm not too sure why I do it *scratching my head* I found it tons easier to work this way - I felt much more in control of my environment and didn't get tired in the least bit. I heard that the European eastheticians work standing up - so maybe I'll tell people that I work in the Eurpean style : D
I also got to do services on someone special to me - which made me a bit nervous but I got a chance to use a super cool "Black Onyx Collegen Mask" - it had a thin rubber feel to it and it was cool to the touch - I guess it is to be used for irritated or dry skin - which we are in the dessert skin here is dry and the people are irritated *hee hee - just kidding*- but afterwards her skin looked AMAZING!
She looked alittle bit like Hannibal Lector - which was a bit uneasy - for me, not her - she really enjoyed it.
Ms Cunningham - my progressively forward thinking teacher - got these new shoes called "Vibram 5 Fingers" which look like a cross between surfing shoes and gloves. She says they are very comfortable (and if you are in Phoenix - she bought hers at REI) Ms Fran thinks they look like gecko feet :p I guess you can buy them with different sole thickness, colors and styles.
Well gotta go - I have 200 things to do before school starts and I am feeling a touch overwhelmed but the sooner I start ... the sooner I finish. Yea ... that's comforting :p

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th!

Have a wickedly safe Friday the 13th!


My good buddy Heather Justus is getting married!!!! I'm so happy for you Heather. I could scream and cry - scry? Anyhow, congrats sweetie! Date set for January - I better start coming up with an excuse to get out of work :p Maybe I can fanagle a spot on the wedding party - then I have to attend : D Hey Heather - need another brides maid or how about a tall flower girl?

Hello And Goodbye

Hello to everyone via Facebook!! Welcome! Also to all of our SMI clients who happen to be reading this. Today I wanted to give out snapps to two of them. First, is Allison C. who made me an incredible salsa - which I ate on Sunday for Jon's b-day movie/snack day - it was soooo yuuuummmy :D Thank you-thank you! Second, is to a great person Cheryl A. - whom if you are a student going into her class you are going to have a totally fab year. She is so terrific!! Hi Cheryl!!
Goodbye to two fellow classmates - Bernadette E. and Karen L. *tears* These two ladies are just so super cool. They are what all technicians aspire to be: smart, beautiful, kind and very talented. Congrats you two - I don't have to wish you luck because I KNOW you will do great.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Holiday Week

I like the English way of calling time off "holiday" - it has a happy tone with great memories - the word "staycation" implicates having to stay home rather than wanting to be there to begin with. I did not get to half of what I should have accomplished on my time off but I did get what I needed - down time. Little things that seem special when you don't have the time: colored my haired, a quick pedi (orange toesies seems cheerful), read some new blogs and caught up on some favorite ones (have you seen Alicia's cool  craft room), a quick enzyme (MyChelle makes some yummy ones I love the pumpkin ), watched some movies, watched more Star Trek with my Mr. than I want to admit - the things we do for love :D, played with my dog and took care of my little nest - which I like to do. Also got some school work completed: the makeup book came out well, got my spa layout done - just need to print it and figure out how I wish to display it, and almost done with my price sheet. I still have other projects to do and I probably should have done more chapters but I'm not going to dwell.
Also during my break I got to spend a very rare Saturday - when I mean rare I mean the next time I will get a Saturday off to go will be Christmas- at the Roadrunners Park Farmers Market (SR50 and Cactus) and it was such a beautiful day to walk around. It is my first time at this market and it was such a treat. You must go - people were sooo friendly and since it is a park there is this a pond with ducks, turtles and fish (yes you can fish - should is the question), baseball field, swimming pool, basketball courts and a jungle gym area - you can take your pets and not feel out of place. Here are some snaps - I didn't take any of the market I was respecting peoples privacy.
This is Mable-isn't she precious
I can't rember this dog's name but she should be named Skittish : D
It's Nessie - No! It's a turtle :p
Dad and son fishing - Ahh tons of memories. This little boy was just too cute for words.
This poor guy was longingly starring at the swimming pool.
A beautiful day!
Lunch is ready, clothes are pressed, coffee is set, cookies are made - yup I'm ready for another week of school.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Shabbat Shalom

I am Jehovah your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slaves. You must never have any other gods against my face.
Deuteronomy 5:6-7

Thursday, August 5, 2010

OMG! What Was That!?!

*Yup that is me and Mr screaming at Sea World*
I am done with my first week in Module 2 and boy was that a crazy ride! The difference between the two classes is crazy! Module 1, you are on the Baby Buble Bee ride (remember those : D) nice and cute and fun. Now, Module 2 is like the crazy roller coaster ride from Sea World (there is an elevator and the door opens and all you see is sky :o - that is the moment you know that your life is going to change). Chemistry and Electricity were the nemisis I knew they would be but the teacher, Ms. Cunningham, teaches in a style similar to how I did when homeschooling  *kinda in a montessori way - never in a dumbing down way but just explains her message is an interesting way* so I understood what she was saying - which got me two very, very, very great grades ;p  Connecting the dots between the book work - to hands on practical - to real world applications is like teaching a child to read - it can be tricky and much harder than need be if you don't have patience or knowledge of what you are saying. But Ms C does it with such ease and has this way of conveying what she is trying to teach - ok catch this - she was eating a salt-n-pepper rice chip and she came to us excited and started to explain that the skin is similar to the chip - the top layer is not smooth and the color isn't even and could have hyperpigment spots that might be more heavier on one side than the other and that the epidermis is as thin - about the thickness of a dime - even though we have other super cool props in the room - we all went ooohh! We caught what she said in class but now all we talk about is that silly chip : D The students are off for a week for summer break and what a break it will be - on my to do wish list are: to do a 4 or more chapters of school work, complete my makeup portfolio, to complete my spa layout project with menu of services, cost break down and to start on my product comparison, and my 3 resumes - these are all due September 23 but why wait to start on them. Even if I don't get it all done at least I have some and then on the weekends I can do a few at a time to where I can complete everything when I get out of Mod 2 - except for my case studies of course (which I get to start on next Tues). But the only way I could accomplish this without too much static from my home life this week is that I had to pinkie promise my husband that I would only do school work when he is at work - he has been placed on the back burnner for the last 5 weeks I think I can give him my weekend and evenings. As every alumn can remember - this balancing act is rarely fair * you do teeter on one side more than the other and the only thing that keeps you going is counting down 'til your next vacation week - which after this one is Thanksgiving ;o and boy I can't wait - I would be done with homework and projects so my holiday will be about reelaaaaxinggg : D ooohh and pie!! I LOVE PIE!!!! Even on my birthday I get pie and ice cream : D

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

211 Makeup Pics

211!!! That is how many makeup pictures I have taken. 211!!! That is insane!! I think I'm going to need to ease up on the button just a tad bit ;p I am a HUGE picture taker - I figure I can erase later. So makeup class with Ms Fran is done *and it was sooo much fun and we  even made lipglosses* and now I am onto the road of completing my makeup portfolio.  So I dragged my poor friends and my little princess into my insanity *sorry everybody* sit here, sit there, sit still, stand here, look this way and now that way. YIKES ;o But I got some great pictures! Which is what really matters, right?! I'll make it up to them - maybe brownies will help ; D So here is a sneak peek of my cool pics.
This is my little apple - boy she looks like she had a crazy night with Lindsy Lohan ;o

Much, much, MUCH better ;p
The wedding pics almost made me cryEvening - I'm not a believer in ALOT of dark colors
 I didn't even let the glue dry before taking pictures
Bella - Team Jacob - sweet n nice
Bella - Team Edward - vamp trampI looove the colors
Golden Girl
My princess was such a troopper - that she even came to school with me for my final test out and she was feeling horrible - she is on crazy meds, had a migraine and since it has been raining her asthma kicked up AND her insulin was wearing off as the night past on. But she came and I think I got a pretty great grade out of it. So when she gets better I will have to take her out ; D