Monday, March 29, 2010


May All The Wonderful Blessings Of Passover Be With You!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!




Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Movies Review

As I have said a few days ago - that on my dear Mr. and Mine's day off we have been watching movies since it has been raining. So here are a few movies we have watched and my opion on them *please watch them yourselves and send me your thoughts* I'm going to try not to give away any surprises or plots - so here  we go!

First I will start with "Holmes" - this one is still out on theatres and it is a decent enough movie to pass the afternoon with. I enjoy watching period movies (especially if they are not too gloomy) and this one was no exceptions. Robert DJ and Jude L . played really well off of each others styles -somewhat slapstick but tolerable- & I hope there will be another Holmes mystery with the two of them in it.

Next is "Shutter Island" (also still out in theaters) with the ever pleasing eye candy, Leonardo De Caprio. (Remember when he was on Growing Pains-aw the good 'ol days) Anyhow, do not shy away from this movie thinking it is a horror flick - it is a suspense movie. Think "Identity" with John Cusack or "The Others" with Nicole Kidman. (Both very good movies - they are my must watch list) The scenes are a little bit gloomy and people whisper a lot but it adds to the suspense, so you might want to rent the movie and have it on close caption so you don't miss anything. *It is a very easy movie to watch meaning it is a very predictable movie - Mr. and I had it figured out in 20mins flat*

OK - pay attention. I liked "All About Steve" - was it my favorite movie, well, no. But I did not hate it like a few others - "Tropic Thunder" , "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" & "Couples Retreat" to name a few disappointing movies. So I might be the only person in America that thinks that Sandra B did not deserve a Raspberry Award for it. Again not her best work but I don't think is was THAT bad. Cute flick, it has a whole "accept people for whom they are" kind of a vibe to it. Not as good as "Yesman" with Jim Carrey (which you must watch - you'll run out and learn a song) but it is tolerable.

The last (and the best movie) on this list is "John Adams" with Paul Giamatti (yes from "Sideways") and Laura Liney as John and Abigal Adams. This movie came in 3 discs and each disc was broken down to 2 or 3 segments each which were about 1 hour each - for the math that means that this movie is roughly 8 to 9 hours long but it is soooo worth it. It is so nicely told that you are not noticing that it is a long movie at all. It is funny, heartbreaking and tender all at the same time. It is just a great and moving story that everybody should watch.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Super Simple Skirt?

I have (had) this cute skirt that I absolutely LOVE and because I have worn it like a trillion times - the fabric has started to fray at the zipper seems. I don't mind telling you I just about cried. I was at the Wal-Mart and looking threw some patterns for this skirt when it donned on me to just use the original skirt as the pattern. So I got this fun print for $1.50 a yard (just in case it doesn't go well I didn't spend a fortune ;p) and I got 3 yards (again just in case I mess up). So far I have marked the skirt and have taken it apart. As far as the material - it has been washed, dried and ironed and ready to go. I am sooo excited to see how it is going to look. Wish me luck. No not luck - wish me .... perfect seems ;p

The New Color Is ........

Green! Since I have a drop of Irish - I thought green would be a great color to celebrate St Patty's Day.

This is Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition '#04 Hi-Def'. I got this on the cheap with a coupon from Ulta. This is a super shimmery color and it is super fun to wear. I feel like a mermaid.  LOL  On another note the polish I used for the orange did not last I had to re-polish 3xs in 1 week but I did like to color so I think I will get it in a better brand. I'll let you know which one when I decide. Stay tuned for another nail biting post regarding nail color in about 2 weeks. ;p

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Three Cheers!

For Patsy and Angela for passing board and who are now official aestheticians. YEAH!! I am sooo proud of you ladies. May all the wonderful blessings of God be with you two great ladies! Be safe always  XOXOXOXO

A Few Minor Repairs

OK - So God doesn't want me to go to the Renaissance Fair. It has been raining something crazy like 8 out of the 11 weekends this year. So to occupy my time I have been - um - correcting some of my crocheted items. This sweater is sooooo super soft - it is tunic style, I used both single & double stitch (I made the body vertical and the sleeves horizontal for a different look) and I made it without a pattern & since I used baby yarn it streeeetches. So I shortened the sleeves to it falls about 2 inches above my wrist (so my watch doesn't snag on it) and I binded the neck to have more of a finish and now it is perfect!

sleeve detail
Next were the slippers which I have always enjoyed (this did come from a pattern) which had a whole on the bottom of one and the other starting to fray but the bottom and the sides were connected (so I couldn't just replace the soles without ruining  the slippers) so out they went and I created a new pair. Using left over blue yarn from the last slipper project I made it double soled for more cushion and then created the top a bit wider across the top and higher on the heel. I was going to make these like a pair of Mary Jane's with a strap (I think I'll try those next) but I just ended up with a regular clog style. These also have narrow elastic around the back part (in the white) so it fits more snug and doesn't slip off the heel. And I added fun flowers on the top. So far I am very pleased. Not award winning - just comfy!

One of the few things I believe in is to learn how to make things - create it with my own two hands. It doesn't matter if it isn't perfect - the only thing that matters is that I accomplished it. I cook very poorly (stir on low until simmer - that's not for me - thank God my Mr. is a GREAT cook), I bake well, I crochet and sew decently, the only thing I can do respectably are my bracelets (and those you'll get to see soon) but at least I try. Somewhere along the way people's fear of being judged blocks them from creating from the soul and that is very sad. My first projects were baby blankets that my sweet daughter has in her new apartment and still uses 20 years later. So pick up a ball of yarn, create something and share it with me. I won't judge - I promise. 
*Deut 15:10 ...your God will bless you in every deed of yours and in every undertaking of yours.*

My Happy Kitty

Soft kitty, warm kitty

Little ball of fur...

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty

Purr, purr, purr

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy B-D Heather!

A birthday brownie and fruit for a few co-workers  ;p  Yum
I wanted to do something special for Heather for her 25th b-d -- so she allowed me to apply her makeup (during lunch of course) which is more of a gift to me than to her. Heather is one of the greatest people I know and I feel very blessed to know her. I hope that when my little gem turns 25 she is 1/10th the person Heather is. Heather likes mineral makeup - since other makeup irritate her skin - so we used Jane Iredale. And as you can see she looks great. Happy B-D again Heather! May God bless all your footsteps.

Congrats Danielle!

Sweet Danielle - getting her award!

Clocking out for the last time  - a bittersweet moment.
Like all students that graduate - the last walk out the door.
No more white scrubs, laundry duty, projects or tests -
just the sweet anticipation of what lies ahead.
Congrats!  I know your future will be bright Danielle.

Congrats Patsy and Angela!

I have some dear friends (whom are like family) graduate this past Friday from aesthetic school. I am soooooo proud of them. I got to take some pics of their ceremony and after party.

Watching the faces of the grads during the speeches just made me flash forward - this May there will be 3 graduations (our son, my step-daughter, and our nephew) - with their future sprawled ahead of them I wonder what paths they will take.
Patsy and Pamela S


                                                                         Jana and Pamela S

Patsy, Ms C & Angela

Patsy & Angela compliment each other like pink & purple. They are two of the nicest ladies I know - they are soooo sweet and are very skilled at their craft. I know that they are going to be great technicians.

Ms C is one of the funniest & smartest people I know. I don't mean a little smart - I mean "Wow! You are sooo smart!!"


The best party about any party. THE FOOD!!!!