Sunday, February 3, 2013

Movies For Women Who Have Men Who Love Football

It is time again for our unofficial American holiday ... The Super Bowl. Here are a few of my picks to start getting you in the mood.

The Blind Side :: I still stand by my original post regarding this great movie. There is a lot going on with the Baltimore Ravens this year including that the 2 head coaches (on opposing teams) are brothers, Ray Lewis will be retiring this year, AND Michael Oher will be 'knock on wood' playing a hell of a game. To see where he came from ... how his life could have been soooooo different ... it is just mind blowing. Flip side is Patrick Willis who is on the SF 49rs ~ his life almost parallels that of Micheal's ... from Tennessee, was in the foster system ... it reminds me of the bible passage about 'what is meant for my harm God will use for my good'.

Brian's Song :: I had to watch this movie yesterday in order to make this post =D This story is about the friendship between the Chicago Bears team-mates Brian Piccolo and Gayle Sayers. It is set in the mid 60s (great time for fashion ... not), even though these two men were competing for the same spot; when Gale got injured it was Brian who pushed him through his recovery and when Brian was diagnosed with Lung Cancer it was Gale who was quietly by his side. When men talk about this movie ... they get a bit choked up ... say about what a tear jerker it is ... it will leave you an emotional wreck. So I was a bit hesitant to watch it. I don't watch chick flicks for the same reason. Yea! Men are from Mars because this movie is in nowaaaay close to being the emotional roller coaster that The Blind Side was. It had its funny moments but I was left a bit miffed that I wasn't weeping. Maybe the 2001 version has that ... something ... that was missing from the 1971 version. But I am not too sure if I can stand to watch it again to find out.

Now quickly switching gears from pro to college is Rudy. This 1993 movie really showcases Sean Austin's talent. Like the above two movies, this one is also a true story. I think this one is on the top of the heap as far as tear jerkers go. It is based on Daniel E. "Rudy" Ruettiger's desire to play for his (and his father's) beloved Notre Dame ... even though the odds were against him (his grades weren't great, his skills weren't great, and his size was less than great) ... he didn't quit trying. Even when he was passed over (again and again) he still tried ... he personafies the spirit of not giving up on yourself. I think it is really missing in today's youth and maybe that is why everyone is unhappy. If it is really your passion DON'T give up ... everyone else can but YOU can never let it go.  Note :: he was the first in Notre Dame's history to be carried off the field (as in hoisted on his team-mates shoulders) ... now that is pretty cool!

Alright everyone ... go grab some snacks ... pop in a movie and enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday.


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