Sunday, August 4, 2013

Home Update

We are sooooo close to being completely done *_*  When I am re-painting the wainscoting in the craft room my sweet Mr. is working on the trim and when we are done we move to a different project while the paint dries or when we are stuck and need a little time to think (I was indecisive on the window trim and the kitchen desk was being much more difficult than anticipated). All this hopping around have us semi-completed with the floor/door/window trim,  finishing the craft room outlets (which never was done FIVE YEARS AGO), staining/installing the desk in the kitchen and re-painting the craft room ceiling. We were hoping to be completed by this past weekend but we were a bit slow going ... go figure :D So hopefully we will get these projects done this week after work and have next weekend get to do the next big project .... the guest room. Right now it is a catch all (all the Christmas containers, items from the craft room and all the pictures from through-out the house) once it is all cleared out we will lift out the carpet *gross* and lay down the new vinyl flooring *yeah*, add quarter round and touch-up the trim/wall/door. Then will be the quest bathroom which might get just a refresh rather than a full revamp. And in the middle of alllll this craziness we have resolved to do the winter vegetable/herb garden but we have decided to move it - so that project will include planning the layout and raised bed making - also we will try our hand in composting. We are really excited about that. I am downloading pictures and I will have them up tomorrow ... possibly :-)

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