Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I mentioned in my previous post that my sweet darling Mr has a case of the cooties *o*  He takes about a trillion vitamins a day. OK maybe not a trillion but enough to build a strong immune system. But when he is sick he reaches for Western drug medicine (over-the-counter goodies) YUCK! I on the other hand I am a bit more careless about vitamins but I am the weird one who will write with my own pen only and doesn't like to shake peoples' hand and will wipe down eveeerrrrrrythinggggg. And if (when) I get sick I reach for Eastern medicine (herb/spice teas and other home remedies). These are our go-to recipes for you to try out (disclaimer ... please advise your doctor about changing/adding to your routine)
Recently I have added Ginger into my routine. It is an antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial. It is used to aid in digestion, lowers cholestoral, reduce joint inflammation, and helps in preventing and treating the cold/flu. For best result make the tea out of fresh ginger root and streep a sliver for 10 mins in a cup of warm water. Sweeten to taste (I use honey because it has its own antibacterial properties ... so it is like a double WHAMMY!) I just use 1/2 a tsp of ginger to a 1 - 1 1/2 cups of water and steep. It isn't as strong as it should be but it's drinkable. DON'T DRINK IF ON BLOOD THINNER!!!

IF I get the flu and have phlem issues ... I drink Oregano tea. Yes, like the herb. It is antibacterial and anitfungal. It also is an aid for stomach issues and for treating the flu/cold. I use about 1 tsp of regular dried oregano leaves to about a cup of hot water - steep 8 mins (the leaves will settle to the bottom) and I slooooowly pour the tea into another cup, add honey and drink. I really enjoy this tea but it does take a bit to get use to it. Beware ... this tea is made to break up phlem, so you will notice an increase in coughing to get the gunk out of your system. DON'T USE IF PREGNANT ~ MAY CAUSE CONTRACTIONS!!

Also, if I do have phlem issues (whether from the flu/cold or just allergies when the change of weather comes along) I reduce my diary intake to creamer only ... no warm milk before bed or cheese in my sandwich ... and if it is really bad I cut out coffee since I won't drink it without creamer *tears* Dairy builds up mucus in the system ... it would benefit a person with asthma to cut it entirely out of their diet. Also if you wake up in the morning a bit puffy around the sinus area ... think back to what you had at dinner and before bed (cheese or yogurt) ... you will likely see a decrease in morning puffiness once you cut out the dairy. No disclaimer here ... there is no reason to drink milk ~ especially kids.

Next is a quick antibacterial spray recipe. 91% alcohol in a spray bottle. That was it. I told you it was easy. Isopropyl alcohol kills bacteria by damaging the cell walls of one-celled organisms such as mold, fungi and bacteria (strep throat) . A virus is smaller (and more fragile) than a bacteria and it can not live outside the body's cell longer that 1 - 2 days. You can even put vodka in a spray bottle. But if you don't wish to use alcohol, in anyway, you can use a 50:50 mixture of water and white vinegar. If your family grumbles about the 'lingering scent' add 5 - 15 drops of essential oil (depending on the size of the bottle).  Essential oils have been known for their disinfecting properties; many are antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial, and/or antiseptic. You can add a single scent or combine any of the following: cinnamon, clove, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, lime, oregano, rosemary, tea tree, thyme, juniper, eucalyptus, palmarosa, clove, laurel, anise, rose, geranium, neroli, bergamot, clary sage, and dill. You can change the scent for each child (lavender for her and lime for him) or add extra oomph to the cleaner for different rooms (add tea tree oil to your lavender for the bathroom spray or rosemary and thyme for the kitchen). Rememer, if you keep it simple you are more apt to start (and continue) using simple products to maintain the health of your family.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Shabbat Shalom

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
Philippians 4:8

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hold The Presses!

As you know I am reading Little Women for my first book of the year. And I am enjoying it ... I am at the part where Jo moves to New York.  About that later.  Last week I went and checked out from the library my next TWO books (to be fair they are smaller books ~ 350 pages/book) to be read in the month of February. And yesterday I went online line to renew another book (a skandinavian project book ... pretty cool actually ... when I pick a project I will link it up) and one of the books for February is NOT renewable AND due back on the 2nd! The 2nd!!!  I have been reading a few extra pages a day just to get done with Little Women by the end of this month (instead of 7th) *.* The best laid plans ... right?

So, what to do in this dilemma? Well, I can continue to read Little Women and return the other book without reading it. OR I can pause on Little Women since I own the book and read the new one. Needless to say ...  I chose the later.

Well ... my current read is Little House on the Prairie. Yup ... that's the book that is on everyone's MUST READ list. There must be at least 10 copies of this book and alllll of them are checked out. That is just crazy! But that made me intrigued and now I gotsta read it  :p I am going to post about why I picked it and the complimentary read ~ not in my next book post (that one should be my review of Little Women) but the one after. I still can't believe all this nonsense for a kid's book. But it is what it is.
Also, my Mr is fighting a would-be flu ~ he takes enough vitamins to keep his immune system strong so his flu is very mild ... he mostly feels run down like his body is fighting something bad *o* I have some quick recipes I will try to post about what we do here (disclaimer ... I am not a doctor, work for one, consult yours before trying ... AKA use your judgement). And I have a post on the blanket I am making and THE MOST helpful video tutorials EVER! 


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Book of 2013

Kinda .... I got done with The Poet on the 2nd and with family coming into town for the weekend (so we can celebrate Christmas here, since Mr and I were in Denver with the Grand-Princess over Christmas ... somehow moving the holidays around so that everyone can be seen works for us).  Any how, Princess got me Little Women a few months back because it is one of my most favorite movies. I have always wanted to read it but always picked something else to occupy my time. So I figured no time like the present to tackle this classic piece of literature. I must admit the print in this book is really tiny ... I guess reading with a book too close to the face really does ruins ones eyesight :p  I am noticing that in my old age I am enjoying silence while reading much more. I was one of those teens that read a book while the radio/tv was blarring ... I don't know how productive it was but I did it. That might explain the grades *giggle*  I started reading this book on the 7th and have been on a schedule to read atleast 22 pages a day ... no matter how late it is. Interesting how the smallest amount of discipline can result in such a large sense of pride. I love Marmee's wisdom and how it can still be applied to life now "Have regular hours for work and play; make each day both useful and pleasant, and prove that you understand the worth of time by employing it well. Then youth will be delightful, old age will bring few regrets, and life become a beautiful success, in spite of poverty." 

Sunday, January 13, 2013


It has taken me a whole season to watch ONE episode of Bunheads. Crazy ... right? I mean it is written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and has my beloved GG alumnus Kelly Bishop *applauding* ... so why haven't I watch it from the very first episode? Well, I will tell you. I was afraid *_* Simple as that. As anybody who knows me or reads this blog knows .... I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Gilmore Girls and when the series was cancelled I was heart broken :( Seriously crushed beyond all recognition. I am still in mourning. IF I watched it and hated it ... I would be crushed because I want to like it.  And IF I watched it and loved it ... then what? Be crushed again when the series is eventfully gets cancelled. I can't take this kind of pressure ... even if it is unrationable and self-inflicting. *breathe* So I took a brave step and I watched it and ..... it is cute ... I mean really cute. The characters are well written and the main character - Michelle played by Sutton Foster - reminds me of Lauren Graham. I have started saving it on my DVR (thank goodness for that thing).  It even has regular cameos of other equally favorite GG alumni *YEAAAA*  There is Rose Abdoo (Gypsy), Gregg Henry (Mitchum Huntzberger), Chris Eigeman (Jason “Digger”), Sean Gunn (Kirk), Todd Lowe (Zack), Biff Yeager (Tom), Alex Borstein (Drella), and one of my favorites Lisa Weil (Paris) high strung as ever :D

I didn't start watching Gilmore Girls until the beginning of Season 3 (and then the obsession that would change my life began) Dramatic? Perhaps ... but it is true. I realized that carrying a book around with you in your purse isn't that weird. How going back to school isn't that unheard of at my age. That it is true that taking good notes and using cards and doing your best does have its own rewards. And sniffing books isn't that odd. OK maybe it is a bit odd *sigh* Man I miss that show .. now I have to go make some coffee and watch a few episodes of GG to self-soothe.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Goooo Broncos!!!

Our beloved Broncos play today ... Mr is nerve-racked O.o ... I am confused like always *.*   Maybe 2013  will be the year that I learn this sport. For me, the best thing about sports is the food spread ... nachos, fresh made donut holes, subs ... yummy =D  It is funny though to see true fans (not the ones who follow the winning team for a seaon) all rational goes out the window with all the superstition. 

I always think of my Gilmore Girls (yes I'm going there) in one of my top 10 favorite espisode ~ S3E15 ~ SH High hockey team is in the state play off and the Doose clan is in town to see it (poor Taylor ... this guy is picked on by everyone) Rory is upset with Jess for not treating her well and starts to compare him to Dean (never a good idea) so she goes and mets Lane (who is on a fake date) at the game and sees Dean with his new girlfriend (and future wife) Lindsey. The scene that I always think of when I go to a game with my Mr. is:

(Rory mets Lane and the game starts)
Kirk: Peopple of Stars Hollow, are you ready to rumble? Then let's get it on.
[ref drops the puck to start the game]
Kirk: And the puck is down as the first quarter begins. Period, sorry. First period begins, my bad.
Rory: So, this is sports.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Shabbat Shalom


And Jehovah will indeed put you at the head
and not the tail; and you must come to be
 only on top, and you will not come to be
on the bottom, because you keep obeying
the commandments of Jehovah your God.
DEUT 28:13

Thursday, January 3, 2013

WOW!! What A Book!!!

... I don't know what to say but WOW!!! I got done with this book in 5 ... count it 5 weeks!!!! It was (is) that good! It got me right from the first sentence .... "Death is my beat. I make my living from it."  Everytime there was a plot twist I wanted to tell you (the killer died and there is still 100 pages to go? What! What else is there to tell me .... oooohhhhhh) but I didn't want to stop reading. I was trying to finish this book by Jan 1st but sadly I didn't do it *tear* but I did finish it last night at 11pm so I can call it a semi-victory. I didn't want to skim read this book so I can finish some futile deadline that doesn't really even matter and miss any of the finale. This book is wonderfully meaty and engaging. It was sad and disturbing in some parts but it didn't go into too much detail with the murders to give me nightmares (thank goodness). This is the second Connelly book that I have read (the first was The Scarecrow) and in no way was it disappointing. I do like how you can see from both the villan and the hero side of the same scene ... it allows you to look at things differently and understand the 'why' alittle bit more. This one does finish with a cliffhanger ~ which I am not a fan of.  Connelly writes a series of  Harry Bosch books that I might try ... I guess the guy is a detective ... it does look promising. =D Not sure what to read next though. Hmmmm ....

This year I have decided that IF I can keep myself on a reading schedule I SHOULD be able to get more than just 4 books done in a year. See my thinking on completing a resolution is ... that my desire to read more books might be strong but without a plan of action it will still stay as an idea rather than than something I am actively working on. Does this make sense? IF I could read a minimum of 20 pages a day (simple enough) then I SHOULD be able to read a book a month. So by the end of 2013 I ... realistically ... could read 12 books. In 2012 I read 4 books and in 2011 I read only 2 ... and it seems like I read alllllll the time  O.o  But then I get side tracked with projects and gardening and baking and well .... life ... that I don't read enough in a day to accomplish much. So this year I have thought that IF I can budget just a few minutes of my time for reading and crafting and walking the dog per day .... then I SHOULD be able to accomplish reading 12 books, finishing 12 projects, and have one hell of a leash obedient dog and not to mention that I would have a bigger brain, next years Christmas gifts done and some super toned legs =D So that would be my challenge for you this year ... do something small each day to accomplish your larger goals. If you do nothing ... nothing changes or happens. Remember the old saying ... How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!