Saturday, November 23, 2013


For the last few months I have been totally obsessed with three sites. I can't seem to get enough of them ... their composition and content have me mesmerized.

The first one is Purl Bee ... between this site and Ravlery my head is swimming with new projects to make. It is going to take me 40 years to finish everything I want. Unlike Raverly (which is a crochet/knit site only) the Purl Bee also has embroidery and sewing (which then kicks up my creative juices) I seem to go into hyper-mode and when I find something I want to make ... I start speaking in this high pitched voice and screech to my Beloved ... 'look at how wonderful this is!' as he calmly says 'yes baby that is cool' ... trying to pacify his overly-amped wife. But it is too late ... my eyes are glazed and I am trying to think when I can fit in the extra project. I think I am going to make the seed-stitch blanket for my bed and the cute hedgehog for Baby Bug ... I think she will like it. Now what to make for the newest Gran Bug?

The next two consist of more of visual eye candy and appeal to me as a photographer and how much I want to develop this craft.

Next is The Yard it seems to be a collection of pictures from other sites ... sort of like viewing someone's Pinterest board. All the pictures seem to have a cool, grey weather, natural living kind of vibe. Some are simple and classic (landscaping or a bowl on a wood table) to more artistic ideas (the greenhouse full of cacti) This seems to have a fresh look to old ideas of what makes a great picture.

Last but not at all least is Kinfolk Magazine this site has really solidified the idea that gathering with others isn't meant to be done over a rushed cup of coffee in an over-crowed shop. It is meant to be done in more of a European style of sitting down and enjoying not just the company but also the coffee. There is A LOT of emphasis on living quietly and simply and embracing natural surroundings ... packing a breakfast, driving to a quiet spot and seeing a sunrise on the hood of your car with your lovey. I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at the Journal ... since there are many different contributors you get ideas of different styles. I am INFATUATED with the videos ... The Oregon Coast and The Dutch Oven Bread are my two favorites. On Youtube they have 'Volume Two'

Here is 'The Kinfolk Manifesto'
 Yes ... there is a Manifesto =D

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