Tuesday, September 30, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Day 14

I feel blessed that we show respect

This goes hand in hand with speaking with respect. In the time where PDA is rampant I like .. no love the fact that there isn't any .. excuse the expression 'grab assing' in public between Mr. and myself. I find it so disrespectful to see a guy (and girl for that matter) paw their partner. And the disrespect isn't only to me, as the innocent person shopping but also to the person getting pawed - even if they don't care. And I think this has transferred to my kids .. none of their suitors go around groping them in public or at someone's home for that matter. To me it is more romantic to just hold hands or share 'the look' and a smile. I can go on a rant about respect but I won't .. well not today.

Monday, September 29, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Bliss - Day 13

I feel blessed that we speak with respect

Too often we get caught up with the demands of family life that we forget to not only show respect but to speak with respect. We take so much time to train our kids on how to conduct themselves that we forget that they learn more by watching. And when the kids are gone we no longer have that sensor and forget to watch our words. Our honey-do list sounds more like demands rather than a request. We tend to be careful with our words when speaking with colleagues and friends than with each other .. shouldn't it be the other way around. We should never belittle or shame our spouse .. EVER .. no matter if you are at home or in public. NEVER .. EVER .. EVER!!! Especially if you disagree with them .. you should speak quietly and in privately and express your side but you never talk down to them. It's uncalled for, rude and above all disrespectful. I know this can be hard for some and the only advise I have is to pray. Pray for guidance, restraint and wisdom.Words are a hard thing to take back once it has left your lips.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Day 12

I feel blessed that we encourage each other

No matter what it is .. we can trust that the other person will be there for us. Your spouse is meant to be your biggest cheerleader and give you the confidence to do great things. I was presented with a wonderful opportunity to attend aesthetician school ~ check out my School Daze posts on the right ~ which meant going to school during the day and working evenings and when I was home I was studying until midnight and weekends for roughly 7 months. Basically I abandoned my spouse but he was there taking care of the dinners, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, shopping and not once complained instead every day he encouraged me to do my best. OUR reward was the honor's list ~ which was a super big deal since I was never a really good student as a kid. He even posted my report cards on the fridge .. it was really cute. But I know I couldn't have done it without him .. it would have been too much and it would have been disastrous. Sometimes a spouse needs that little boost of encouragement to give them the confidence to be great. I see spouses tearing down each other like they are mortal enemies .. it is expected that the World will try to keep you from greatness but it is a very sad thing when a spouse does it. You want to be married to a great person .. encourage them (don't nag) to be great.


Broncos Toes - Bye Week

Wait! What? There is no game is week? That's right this week is a bye-week ... I guess it's a rest week for the team. What does that mean to me ... no need to wear anything orange, blue or white. So I put on my thinking cap for ideas but it was full of Gilmore-isms ... my mind kept wandering about the fact that on Oct. 1st Netflix is releasing all 7 seasons. I don't know why I am so excited about this I own all 7 seasons but I am. So the opening of episode 2 in season 1 Lorelai is polishing Rory's toes for her first day of private school . Lorelai's says  '... bad girls always wear red nail polish'. Truth be known I am not so bad but at times I do sport the red polish and one of my favorites is Sally Hansen Hard As Nails #450 Tons of Bricks ... it has a bit of shimmer and it makes for the perfect Christmas holiday nail too.  

Below is the Gilmore Girl bit and the other one is the song that plays at the end ... XTC 'I'm The Man Who Murdered Love'. Which XTC's 'Earn Enough For Us' was part of the super cute opening skit for episode 12 of season 1. And a bit of side trivia ... Sir Richard Branson (yes as in the Virgin Media/Airlines guy) is in the XTC 'Majors and Generals' video. I can't find an exact story about he got there but he looks exactly the same!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Day 11

I  blessed that we have the same hobbies

Note to not-so newlyweds :: it is just as important to have common hobbies as it is to have separate ones. Mr. and I LOVE movies .. we even went to the movies on our honeymoon and watched 'The River Wild' and now we watch it every year as an anniversary tradition. But movies aren't the only things we do; we enjoy bowling, hiking, camping, riding bikes, walking the antique stores ~ heck we even enjoy walking through Home Depot. I see so many couples who have been together for many years drift apart .. they hang out with friends alone, they vacation alone, they eat out alone.. they make no effort to share a common interest and that is very dangerous. Shake it up make an effort and try something the other person has been wanting to do .. dancing, karate, bowling, fishing, book club, boating, bird watching .. who knows you might like it.

Friday, September 26, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Day 10

I feel blessed that we have separate hobbies

Newly weds listen up .. it is important as a couple to recognize that you won't enjoy every single thing .. this is what makes your spouse unique and the need to explore what they (and you) love is so important. We understood early in our marriage that there are certain things best done without the other person. He loves his music and I love hearing it but I don't love spending hours at the music store. By going along He can enjoy being at the music store without worrying that I am bored or feeling bad 'for dragging me to someplace I didn't want to be'. But we also have separate time without leaving house .. he can watch all the pre (and post) football game shows he wants and that frees me up to read a book, sew a curtain or watch some silly holiday movie and still feel like we are together. This respects the other person's need feel free to truly enjoy their hobbies.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Day 9

I feel blessed that we still like to kiss

This one is a bit weird to write about since it is so personal. But I think it is wonderful that after 20 years we can still kiss and it still give me butterflies =) A marriage without intimacy isn't a marriage .. it's a super convenient roommate and baby sitter arrangement. So grab your partner and kiss .. kiss with all the nervousness like it is your first time and kiss with all the passion like it's your last. For we are to never know what will happen from one moment to the next .. our time is precious ~ never waste it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Liza's New Show

Our very own tightly wound neurotic Hartford resident Liza Weil starts a new show tomorrow ... How I Got Away With Murder. Doesn't she look amazing?! Sooo grown up ... sooo Paris Geller. IMDB's plot summary states 'a group of ambitious law students and their brilliant criminal defense professor become involved in a twisted murder plot that promises to change the course of their lives.' I have only seen a few previews but it does look intriguing.

Parenthood Final Season

For those of you who already know one of our favorite Girls ... Lauren Graham ... is in a show called Parenthood with a booming cast of wonderful actors .. Craig T. Nelson, her real life boyfriend Peter Krause, Monica Potter and one of my favorites Dax Shepard. Tomorrow premiers their 6th and final season. You can catch the first 5 seasons of the Braverman clan struggles, heartbreaks and laughters on Netflix instant-play. Just make sure to DVR season 6 while you binge watch so you don't have to wait for it to be released.

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Day 8

I feel blessed that we balance each other

He definitely is my rock; while I guess I am more his .. I don't know air. He is the more grounded one while I am more emotional. I can get carried away with things and all he has to do is touch my shoulder and I am instantly calm and know it's time to reel back. And I am the one who draws him out of his box and gets him to experience new things. I hope that never changes.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Day 7

I feel blessed that he eats my cooking.

I know what I am and I know what I am not .. I am a good baker but I am a mediocre cook. I have to put on the timer to boil water even when boiling eggs. Fun fact :: eggs will explode if you let the water boil out .. yup that's a fun mess to clean LOL God bless my husband ~ he has never complained about my cooking. And I do try very hard ~ it's just I am not very good at it. But I do well with things that go in the oven like pot pies and lasagna; it's just something about the stovetop. When the kids were younger we went to a restaurant for breakfast and they had pancakes and said 'Mom their pancakes aren't cooked look how pale they are'. I told them that they just make it different here and that mine are 'creole style'. LOL

Monday, September 22, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Day 6

I feel blessed that he is a gentleman.

Ladies .. you need to allow your husband to treat you as a treasure; even if that means just opening doors. I, like many modern women, have been given the gift of empowerment by our Moms (and other female relatives) and have been programmed - or taught you pick the word - that we can do anything a guy can. And for the most part that is true .. in the Bible we are shown that the Proverbs 31 woman can do just about anything, she tends to her family's needs, travels far for their meals, conducts business, even finds time to volunteer and in no way does that emasculates her husband if anything she is a blessing to him. So for all that you do, please allow your husband (and sons for that matter) to show you respect by getting the door, pulling out the chair or by simply holding the umbrella for you.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Day 5

I feel blessed that we enjoy each others company

We truly enjoy being together no matter the activity .. whether it is shopping, camping, bowling or simply painting a room .. we find the joy in just being together.  Even if it is just kicking it around the house ~ there is nobody else  I would rather be locked indoors with for days at a time than this wonderful man.

Broncos Toes - 3

I will admit it .. I love dotted toes. I find them so much fun. This time I did my toes in Pure Ice 'Drive Me Crazy' with a swipe of Sinful Colors 'Cloud 9' and for my BIG toes I did Pure Ice 'Teal Appeal'. For the dots I used a bobby pin and craft paint in Apple Barrel 'White #20503'. If you watch nail art videos on YouTube you will notice that most will use regular acrylic craft paint for the designs - the reason is that the craft paint is very pigmented and will hold the color with one coat and it dries super fast so you can layer your design. Some hints: just make sure you use a top coat to seal your design and use regular nail polish for your base (craft paint doesn't adhere as well to your nail like nail polish does). We have a tough game today with Seattle ... I hope our team will pull thru.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Good Wife

Is it me or is Matt Czuchry just a bit too good looking? I seriously doubt it is just me. Anyhow .. his recent show The Good Wife starts its 6th season tomorrow. I don't know really anything about it beyond its incredibly talented cast which comprises of Christine Baranski, Julianna Margulies and Mr. Big himself .. Chris North. I am not too sure why I haven't watched this show .. I think it's just that DVR is full of other shows.

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Day 4

I feel blessed to have a man who wants a family

My husband is a rare find of a man who not just wanted to have kids but he wanted to be a father. Going to the park, library, zoo or museums were just something we did. And daily there was book reading, homework helping and playing games. Just keep in mind that what a child truly needs (and will always remember) isn't the things you got them .. it is the time you spend with them.

Friday, September 19, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Day 3

I feel blessed that he plays the guitar
Somehow I feel instantly relaxed when he plays. Even when he is learning a new song .. repetitive and off key .. it doesn't matter it is still beautiful. Everything from Greensleeves to Stairway to Heaven .. it never ever gets old. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Day 2

I feel blessed that he makes me laugh

He is the only person that can point his finger at me like he is going to tickle me and I burst out laughing. Not just a chuckle but flat out eyes shut, can't catch my breath, rolling around, roaring laughter. I don't know what that's about but it's kinda cool. I can't go a day without laughing .. no matter how bad the day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Day 1

I feel blessed that we have the same beliefs.
This has always been so important to me and I have always known, even as a little girl, that I was to marry someone with the same beliefs. It is the foundation of how we treat each other, how we wanted to raise our kids and in general what kind of people we want to be. There isn't a spot in our lives where our religious beliefs hasn't been a part of .. how we conduct ourselves at work, how we speak to our kids and each other, how we treat our parents, what kind of shows/movies we watch, what holidays we celebrate and how, and even how we spend our money. Marriage is already a complex union of two different individuals with different habits, thought processes and expectations why would anyone deliberately choose to make it more difficult.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Blessings

I can't believe it .. I just can't believe it. In 21 days we would be married 20 years .. TWENTY!! And there hasn't been a day that has passed that I haven't felt blessed being married to this man. In honor of such an occasion I thought I would do a  '20 Days of Marriage Blessings' series .. where for the next 20 days I will say why I feel blessed to be married. I sometimes think with the hectic lives we lead that people focus too much on the 'weight' of being married rather than the 'blessing' of it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Broncos Toes ~ 2

This week has been so super CRAZY!! So all I ended up doing was swiping a fresh coat of NYC Empire State Blue and adding a white French tip to the orange. The white is Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hard To Get #110 .. it has great coverage and wearability. A word of caution :: it seems that babies are fascinated by the orange/white combo .. every baby I saw wanted to play with my toes. Weirdness =D

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Broncos Toes ~ 1

Our first game of the season is against the Colts (which can I say I really like their team colors and logo) and I got myself and our youngest grand-baby ready for the game by doing a simple two tone toes. She is a wiggle worm and I  had a hard time just staying on her nails much less do something fancy. But it was a fun project. For fun projects like this I tend to use the cheap drugstore polish and in my stash I already have NYC Empire State Blue and Sinful Colors Cloud 9 #853 - both have a bit of shimmer but are on the transparent side. I am using 3 coats of the blue but the orange wasn't going to hack it. So I used my daughter's Pure Ice Drive Me Crazy #1029  and I was really surprised on how super pigmented it is. It is definitely a one coat polish, which I own another Pure Ice product and it isn't as pigmented and it chipped easily. But it is matte so I just used my orange over it to add a bit of shimmer. And now we are ready for game day!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Let's Go Broncos

For the past 20 years I have been married to a wonderful man who happens to take his football seriously. Being that he is a native of Denver .. he has been programmed from the womb to be a Broncos fan. No .. I don't own kitschy things such as Broncos towels, lamps, rugs or bedspreads (except for a Santa dressed in Broncos gear which actually I bought) but we all have our shirts that need to be worn on game day, there is no idle talking allowed (only during commercials) and if for any reason you are to blame for a game going bad - you will need to leave the room. Yea .. I know. So how does a girl such as myself who is still trying to figure out all the rules get ready for game day .. I polish my nails LOL  This year I thought I would try to do a new 'look' on my toes for each game .. which I don't know if it feasible being that there are 16 games but I am going to try. Now please know that I AM NOT A NAIL ARTIST in any way, shape or form - I just like having fun ~ so these posts won't be super fancy or need some crazy tutorial. I just thought it would be fun to share with you.