Sunday, October 26, 2014

Broncos Toes - First 8 Games

Well I guess technically it is 7 games plus 1 bye week but boy has it zoomed. I have been having so much fun sharing getting in the team spirit with you ... that I really haven't minded. It has definitely stretched my creativity and it is so funny just when I think I don't have any new ideas BOOM! a new one pops in my head. Since the team played this past Thursday they don't play today ... which means once again I have a free weekend to polish my toesies with any other colors. So no orange, blue or white and I did red on the bye week ... so maybe purple, green or pink. But with Halloween coming up maybe I will trade my blue for black and do an orange/black theme or better yet trade orange for yellow and have a yellow/black theme. Oooooo ... I like that idea. Okay well then I am off to figure out what I can do that is fun, festive and cool for the beginner nail artist in me.

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