Thursday, October 23, 2014

Broncos Toes - 8

Man ... this picture makes me look like I have Hobbit feet YIKES Anyhow, a short week means coming up with a second design before I am ready. Last Sunday's toes alternated colors from one side to another which was cute in theory but I didn't like the fact that ALL the blue/white were on the same side .. it made me feel like I am a Cowboys or Colts fan and I CAN NOT have that. I'm kinda surprised Mr. didn't say anything but to give him a fair shake I don't think he even notices my feet. LOL So this week I kept the alternating look but had the 3 colors on each side and I like it soooo much better. On the mama toes - I taped over the colored stripes and added 3 more going horizontal and polished 2 coats of NYC Empire State Blue and Sinful Colors Cloud 9 and it made this cute checked/gingham look. Finished with a top coat and there you have it .. super fun toesies =D 

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