Monday, October 6, 2014

Broncos Toes - 5

This week we were a house divided. Well ... kinda. Our Broncos Princess has a Cardinals Guy. Do not worry we don't make him sit outside in his red shirt during the game or exile him to one of the back rooms. He ... like my Mr. ... is born into his team but unlike my Mr. he isn't a follower of football.  He doesn't get wrapped up in pre and post game shows .. he barely cares what is going on with the other teams and about how they affect his team's standing. He is just a team loyalist. Period. My Guy ... well ... he really enjoys of the game and all that it entails. He isn't a fanatic ... just a fan of the sport.

So yesterday when we arrived back home off came the red and on came our team colors. The 8 little pigs got a few coats of Pure Ice 'Teal Appeal' and the 2 momma toes got Pure Ice 'Drive Me Crazy'. Once the orange polish dried I swiped a stripe of Apple Barrel 'White #20503' and added 3 large dots with a bobby bin. When the white dried I did 3 small dots with a bobby pin on top of the white with Pure Ice 'Teal Appeal'.

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