Sunday, September 28, 2014

Broncos Toes - Bye Week

Wait! What? There is no game is week? That's right this week is a bye-week ... I guess it's a rest week for the team. What does that mean to me ... no need to wear anything orange, blue or white. So I put on my thinking cap for ideas but it was full of Gilmore-isms ... my mind kept wandering about the fact that on Oct. 1st Netflix is releasing all 7 seasons. I don't know why I am so excited about this I own all 7 seasons but I am. So the opening of episode 2 in season 1 Lorelai is polishing Rory's toes for her first day of private school . Lorelai's says  '... bad girls always wear red nail polish'. Truth be known I am not so bad but at times I do sport the red polish and one of my favorites is Sally Hansen Hard As Nails #450 Tons of Bricks ... it has a bit of shimmer and it makes for the perfect Christmas holiday nail too.  

Below is the Gilmore Girl bit and the other one is the song that plays at the end ... XTC 'I'm The Man Who Murdered Love'. Which XTC's 'Earn Enough For Us' was part of the super cute opening skit for episode 12 of season 1. And a bit of side trivia ... Sir Richard Branson (yes as in the Virgin Media/Airlines guy) is in the XTC 'Majors and Generals' video. I can't find an exact story about he got there but he looks exactly the same!


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