Sunday, September 7, 2014

Broncos Toes ~ 1

Our first game of the season is against the Colts (which can I say I really like their team colors and logo) and I got myself and our youngest grand-baby ready for the game by doing a simple two tone toes. She is a wiggle worm and I  had a hard time just staying on her nails much less do something fancy. But it was a fun project. For fun projects like this I tend to use the cheap drugstore polish and in my stash I already have NYC Empire State Blue and Sinful Colors Cloud 9 #853 - both have a bit of shimmer but are on the transparent side. I am using 3 coats of the blue but the orange wasn't going to hack it. So I used my daughter's Pure Ice Drive Me Crazy #1029  and I was really surprised on how super pigmented it is. It is definitely a one coat polish, which I own another Pure Ice product and it isn't as pigmented and it chipped easily. But it is matte so I just used my orange over it to add a bit of shimmer. And now we are ready for game day!!

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