Thursday, October 2, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Days 16 - 19

I feel blessed that we have mostly the same friends
This is an area that I feel really grateful for. I have heard some nightmares from other couples when it comes to having separate friends. We both really didn't have friends when we came together .. our whole lives were wrapped around raising kids as a single parent, which is such a hard job that really doesn't need extra distractions. We did have acquaintances .. people who you see in church or work that you are friendly towards but basically if we needed advice or comfort we would go to our family. Currently our friends are mostly couples - consisting of Mr.'s co-workers and their wives and I have a few female friends that are ex-coworkers that I have kept in touch with. We all get along well and their isn't any mean or caddy talk .. we just have wonderful times together.

For our anniversary Mr. and I are taking the next few days off from work and we are on electronic lock-down .. we are going to try to limit ourselves to just texts to ours kids and work emergencies.

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