Sunday, October 12, 2014

Broncos Toes - 6

I'm sorry but every time I see the NY Jets all I do is annoy everyone around me by singing 'Bennie and the Jets'. Don't pretend that you don't do it too =D  Does anyone else think that their green is hideous? This week I did something a bit different. I polished all 10 toes in Sally Hansen Hard As Nails 'Hard To Get #110' and when that dried I cut strips of tape and polished the momma toes in team colors ... Pure Ice 'Drive Me Crazy' and 'Teal Appeal'. They kind of remind me of a circus tent but I am kinda liking the white on the little toes.

I found this video of Elton John doing 'Bennie and the Jets' on Soul Train. I often wondered how to dance to this song and now I know. LOL And the fact that he is wearing the NY Jets team colors (even though not exact) of green and white is just an added bonus. Enjoy =D


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