Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gilmore Girls On Netflix

Did you hear? Our favorite Girls are now on instant play on Netflix. SWEET!!! You can catch all the laughter, tears, yelling, hugs and snarky remarks from the beginning (or anywhere you like) of all 7 seasons starting today.

Now you can re-injure your whiplash with the whole Lorelai-Luke-Christopher story. Are you Team Christopher or Team Luke? I was always torn about this but I have always believed that Luke was for her.  Chris is her high school sweetie but he is from the life of privilege that she is so desperately trying to leave behind and at times he seems a bit bratty - buying affection and leaving because he is mad instead of working things out. And then there is Luke who sometimes seems 'below' her but who might actually be more of her 'equal' than anybody else; he is fiercely independent and is all about family and being there for each other. Yup .. she needed to end up with Luke and forget about the whole 7th season ever happening.

You might want to leave on your neck brace because like mother - like daughter in the relationship section with the whole Rory-Dean-Jess triangle. (Which incidentally - as if you already didn't know - Alexis and Milo were dating at the time of their saga.) And don't forget the hunk and half Logan but as cute as he is .. I hated that he dragged .. ok maybe not dragged more like lured .. her into his life the same life her Mom ran from and she followed. UGH ~ kids!

Now when I am stuck in a line or waiting for my Husband I can just click .. click .. click and watch my favorite episodes like when Hep Alien auditioned for a new guitarist, or the time Sookie met Gran, or see Kirk's short film, or Rory getting hit by a deer, or watch the tightly wound Paris unravel on CSPAN, or sit in on a Town Meeting, or watch Michel and Roon arguing in the lobby (where else can they argue?) or listen to Babette and Miss Patty gossip. Gosh there are so many fun episodes .. I never know which one to watch.

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