Monday, September 22, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Day 6

I feel blessed that he is a gentleman.

Ladies .. you need to allow your husband to treat you as a treasure; even if that means just opening doors. I, like many modern women, have been given the gift of empowerment by our Moms (and other female relatives) and have been programmed - or taught you pick the word - that we can do anything a guy can. And for the most part that is true .. in the Bible we are shown that the Proverbs 31 woman can do just about anything, she tends to her family's needs, travels far for their meals, conducts business, even finds time to volunteer and in no way does that emasculates her husband if anything she is a blessing to him. So for all that you do, please allow your husband (and sons for that matter) to show you respect by getting the door, pulling out the chair or by simply holding the umbrella for you.

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  1. Super sweet reminder! While my hubby doesn't ALWAYS do this, he does when we go on dates...he's usually too busy buckling our large van of many kidlets ;) But he definitely honours me in many different ways. Thanks for sharing! Found you on the link-Up :)