Monday, September 29, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Bliss - Day 13

I feel blessed that we speak with respect

Too often we get caught up with the demands of family life that we forget to not only show respect but to speak with respect. We take so much time to train our kids on how to conduct themselves that we forget that they learn more by watching. And when the kids are gone we no longer have that sensor and forget to watch our words. Our honey-do list sounds more like demands rather than a request. We tend to be careful with our words when speaking with colleagues and friends than with each other .. shouldn't it be the other way around. We should never belittle or shame our spouse .. EVER .. no matter if you are at home or in public. NEVER .. EVER .. EVER!!! Especially if you disagree with them .. you should speak quietly and in privately and express your side but you never talk down to them. It's uncalled for, rude and above all disrespectful. I know this can be hard for some and the only advise I have is to pray. Pray for guidance, restraint and wisdom.Words are a hard thing to take back once it has left your lips.

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