Saturday, September 27, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Day 11

I  blessed that we have the same hobbies

Note to not-so newlyweds :: it is just as important to have common hobbies as it is to have separate ones. Mr. and I LOVE movies .. we even went to the movies on our honeymoon and watched 'The River Wild' and now we watch it every year as an anniversary tradition. But movies aren't the only things we do; we enjoy bowling, hiking, camping, riding bikes, walking the antique stores ~ heck we even enjoy walking through Home Depot. I see so many couples who have been together for many years drift apart .. they hang out with friends alone, they vacation alone, they eat out alone.. they make no effort to share a common interest and that is very dangerous. Shake it up make an effort and try something the other person has been wanting to do .. dancing, karate, bowling, fishing, book club, boating, bird watching .. who knows you might like it.

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