Friday, September 26, 2014

20 Days of Marriage Blessings - Day 10

I feel blessed that we have separate hobbies

Newly weds listen up .. it is important as a couple to recognize that you won't enjoy every single thing .. this is what makes your spouse unique and the need to explore what they (and you) love is so important. We understood early in our marriage that there are certain things best done without the other person. He loves his music and I love hearing it but I don't love spending hours at the music store. By going along He can enjoy being at the music store without worrying that I am bored or feeling bad 'for dragging me to someplace I didn't want to be'. But we also have separate time without leaving house .. he can watch all the pre (and post) football game shows he wants and that frees me up to read a book, sew a curtain or watch some silly holiday movie and still feel like we are together. This respects the other person's need feel free to truly enjoy their hobbies.

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