Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sea World - Part 2

                                Shamu Show Believe
A picture as the stadium was filling up - everybody was there - we didn't sit in the soak zone since we knew we were going to have a long day and wet shoes and the sniffles never make for a good day. It was a cute show and it wasn't too long (none of them were)

Sea Lions LIVE
This was a definite kid show and it was FULL. People were standing in the back to watch the show! There was a sea lion that was swimming around and he distracted the others and a cute little otter that would run through too. They did the tango, jitter bug and hip hop, CSI skit and did a boy vs girl game.

Trouble maker!!!
Pet's Rule!
This made me want to go home and start training ALL my pets (even the fish) LOL! I did not want to watch this show it was all my Mr. and I am glad we went. This show had dogs, cats, birds, and a pig! It was sooo super cute! It had tricks, boy vs girls, and the end was the pets running around - a dog would go across the stage and pull the shoe string and like 10 cats would come juming out and then the cats would run into a trunk and another dog would jump out and let out some more cats, ect. The pig ran in to the tree and its tushy was sticking out and a sign that said "The End" came down. These pets were rescue animals (from either rescue shelters or from shelters). Yup - I cried when they said that. : l 
Bayside Skyride
Misc Pics
This was the best b-day EVER!!

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