Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Orange Blossoms & Nostalgia

Orange blossoms ALWAYS makes me nostalgic. I remember little things:

Playing jacks in the hallway on a rainy day.
Riding my bike during sun showers.

Sleeping on a hammock (or playing with every single cousin)
Playing four square before school started.

Playing with our spider monkey. (What you didn't have a pet sider monkey?)

Roller skating.

Soft breezes, napping on a rainy afternoon, mellow 70's rock, playing kickball on the street, pancakes after Church, climbing trees, riding my bike without hands, troop meetings, playing on the slip n slid (my friend had a small slope and we would go so fast that we always past the slid and got grass burns), Saturday morning cartoons and cereal.
 Yup the little things I remember when passing a citrus tree ALWAYS makes me smile.


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