Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So This Is San Diego

So we got to the hotel at about 4pm on Thurs, April 8th. The traffic was actually pleasant - we have heard sooooo much about CA traffic that we were expecting not to get to the hotel until sometime in June (LOL) but the drive was smooth-no road blocks, no constructions, no problems.
We got a 2 room suite which was decent - I mean its not a 5 star hotel by any means but it was comfortable. There were kids playing in the pool and when we went to bed, we couldn't hear a thing. Thank goodness. We had a Walgreens next door (an added bonus since Mr. is diabetic so if we broke something we could get a refill right away), Henry's Market, Einsteins Bagel, TJ Max, Jamba Juice, Pickup Sticks across the street, so again, if we needed anything it was right there and tons of local food joints. So we un-packed and got settled in and decided that if we were going out to eat to do it now - so that we can be back before the sun sets. Since we are in unfamiliar territory we might get a bit lost.
So we got a free nacho appitizer coupon to a restaraunt called Tio Carlos on Rosecrans, which is located next door. OMG!! It was the BEST mexcian food EVER!! *Confession time - I am not a fan of mexican food - I don't like the smell of chilis or cilantro. I lost a jalepeno eating bet - so even looking at it in a jar is revolting to me. I eat my veggie tamales with ketchup. My mom cringes every single time - so when I go out with her we usually go out for Chinese food. LOL* The food was GREAT! Not too spicy but too plain - the seasonings were simply delicious. The servings were HUGE so I took some back to the room with us (we had a mini fridge in our room - a lifesaver.) and had left over fajitas as a snack. The people were GREAT! They waited on you without hovering - they were very kind and friendly. You could tell by the wonderful service that this is a family business. I even thanked the cook - which I never do but even he was accessible.
We left the restaraunt and got a city map from the Walgreens before going to the hotel room. We were settling into bed about 9ish, since we are going to start our adventure early tomorrow, and we hear a POP! POP POP! Like some 85 yrs old people "Oh my! That must be a drive by!" But the popping continued so we step outside on the balcony and it is the fireworks from the Sea World! Hee hee haa haa! We are such dorks!

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