Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Going To California

Hello Everybody! I am back from one of the most awesome vacations that my Mr. & I have taken. I took OVER 600 pictures! That is sooo crazy! But I wanted to make sure I snapped everything so I could share it with you. Now my Mr. & I don't really go on vacations. Right now, with our crazy schedules, we only have 1 full day off and that is Sunday, so to go away for 5 days was a really BIG deal for us. It was about a 5 hour drive but when you are excited to get someplace it seems like its a 50 hour drive but it made getting there just that much sweeter : D  We went to all the attractions and a few off map places and I'll tell you about them all. But being a Phoenician and having to deal with crazy Californian drivers I was expecting the same mean people but they weren't. Every place we went and drove was nothing but super nice people. Maybe in Phoenix are all the Californian's that got kicked out for being rude. LOL So fair warning these posts will be a bit long with tons of pics but I hope you enjoy them.
So these pics are for some of you who have never been to the Southwest. I believe this is before Yuma,AZ nothing but clear dry land-the only way to describe it is if you live by the beach & you know how all you see is water well here all you see is desert.

Then little by little regular desert dust was transformed into sand. This was a little bit outside of Yuma. There were a few RVs parked out there and my Mr. was telling me that some of his work buddies actually come out here to ride their quads for the weekend.
This was a bit bizzare - I ended up just staring around instead of snapping pictures but on both sides of the road for quite a good distance all you saw was mounds of rocks. It was like driving through a rock quarry or something.

This is how I knew we were in CA. Wind turbines! They were soo huge! I felt like eating a sprouts and avacado sandwich & sipping on a fruit smoothie. Or going home & adding solar panels to the house.

But you can also see the change in the scenery. It started to get greener & greener. Scrubs turned into bushes that turned into trees. I LOVE the color green so this was such a treat for me. Each second we drove elevated our moods. Then we saw the sign that made us really smile.

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