Monday, April 19, 2010

I-Tube! Do You-Tube?

Did you know that some people don't even You-Tube? That is just crazy to me! I understand, some people think that the information out there is junk but there is some really interesting stuff out there. Everything you every want (or not) know is on You-Tube. Want to watch The Doors on the Ed Sullivan show? Missed church &/or want to watch a sermon? Interested on how to knit? Want to listen to Rene Oldstead's (yes she's the young girl from Still Standing with Jamie Gertz) sing "Midnight At the Oasis"? Or want to know how to apply makeup (CorrinaBMakeup)? What is urban homesteading (watch the Dervaes')?  It's all there - on this big glorious screen to absorb. Woops gotta go! "Down Home With the Neely's" is done loading & I'm making my man something yummy for dinner! (At least that's the plan. LOL) Let me know what You-Tube.

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