Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Movie Review

My Mr. and I watched this on Easter Sunday & in the scene when John C. was saving his family from an earthquake (3:40pm) we felt a rocking. We went outside - it was windy but not that windy. I hopped onto Google and found tons of tweets about the earthquake in Baja. (May the grace of God be with those in Mexical and Baja) It did add a little something to the movie experience. This wasn't a bad movie. The graphics were good & the plot was decent enough to watch over again.

Planet 51 is such a super cute movie. A definite must watch and we don't have little kids. It is entertaining for adults - the way Hoodwinked is. (Watch Hoodwinked if you haven't yet) Very cute & again a family must watch.  The idea that life out there isn't so different than the life here - will be an interesting topic for families to talk about.

Well, I was watching this movie. And just ho humming along with it and then towards the end when she finds the sketch book - the pictures were so graphic that it threw me for a jolt. But I guess that was Jane Austen's way of putting the politics of the day on paper and making everyone who reads the book, to think and deal with what is happening. (If that scene is in the book - I don't know I haven't read it) This was a slightly different Austen movie than Pride and Prejudice or Becoming Jane as to Fanny is surrounded by vipers - snotty, mean women - all by herself, yes she has her sister to confine on but she isn't an everyday presents - Fanny is alone in keeping her composure and wit and tries not to let the people she is surrounded by to get the best of her. At times she is sucked into their pettiness and forgets for a moment who she is but she reminds herself that she isn't like those women. A reminder for ourselves that we too can be swayed but we have the power to return to our true selves.

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