Sunday, May 2, 2010

San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park

So, after yesterdays trek uphill, both ways (LOL), we were super sore. We even started much latter than the other two days - we didn't start off until almost 11am. Unlike the other two day trips, our hotel did not shuttle to the Wild Zoo. So with map in hand (and mapquest) we decided to venture off in search of Shangrala. : D  Mapquest confused us, so we returned to the hotel and turned around and went off again in search of Shangrala. We weren't too concerned about getting lost - we figured we would either run into the ocean or signs saying "Welcome to Orgegon", "Arizona" or "you need a passport pass this point". LOL!! The Wild Zoo is in Escondido, which I guess is a neighboring town approx. 45mins north of San Diego (we didn't know this figuring the name we thought they were MUCH closer together-at least within the same city limits). We get to this really beautiful town and follow the signs - which leads us around the town - on a two way street thru some really pretty wine country (which if we survived today's adventure we would stop back at). Finally we get there and get showed where to park -at the bottom of another hill- we walk a bit to find a sign that says "Almost there just a 10min more walk" - I almost cried. But we made it! Walked around - in search of ... coffee of course. Our pass also included a tram tour - which was pretty cool. So enjoy these pics.
This was to represent an African Marsh.  If this is Africa get me a passport. 
The 3 razor backs were awe-inspiring.

 A Keeper Was Throwing Food Down For Them 
Shh Kitty Sleeping  : D
We are done!!! Let us find solace with a good glass of wine.  : p

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