Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sea World - Part 1

Mr. got a 5 day 3 for 1 pass which we had to pick up at Sea World, so that is where we started our journey. Thank goodness it was such a beautiful day - since our hotel dropped us off at 9am and will be picking us up at 9pm (a bit after since the fireworks go off at 9pm). But we didn't want to rush or miss anything. We didn't know it was spring break but the crowds weren't too bad. So let's get into the pictures. This is the holding pool-the show won't start for another hour so the whales were just swimming and showing their bellies. It was really cute.
We ate our dinner here - we found a cozy spot for two with the water fall behind us. This is part of the rafting ride "ShipWreck Rapids" it goes thru waterfalls and you could put coins in a water soaker just in case you didn't think the people were went enough. By dinner we were a little wet and chilly - so we had cocoa and burgers. 
Next are pictures of sea creatures - some cutier than others.
Here are some of dolphins, whales and do I dare say ..... sharks!
Penguins, sea lions and flamingos. OH MY!!

Onto the shows!!

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