Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Famous San Diego Zoo

Welcome to the San Diego Zoo. We servived 12 hrs at Sea World and we were feeling pretty good - 8 hrs at the zoo should be a snap. WHAT IS WITH ALL THE HILLS!!!! But it was soooo beautiful. We got our map and off we went in search of ... coffee!
Every monkey at the zoo was protesting something. They ALL had their backs to us but I got a few.
Shhu monkey shhu! (from the Rundown)  This fella was looking at a kid and the next guys was chasing a squirrel who was getting a pine cone. That was entertaining.

Here kitty kitty. Nice kitty?

Now what's a zoo without elephants and bears?

                                Misc Pics
Pics of the park
When I came around a corner and saw this I felt I was back in Panama. I felt like I was revisiting the Balboa area & guess what area this called. That would be right...Balboa Park. Isn't that freaky? I had a hard time leaving but the hills made it easier.    : D

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