Sunday, November 2, 2014

Broncos Toes - 9

I only blame myself. Since Mr. and I have been crazy busy this weekend I didn't polish my toes until kickoff which means I didn't put out my team spirit vibe early enough and caused that disaster of a game. Also know that as soon as the game ended off came the polish. I don't want to carry that kind of bad vibe into next week's game and jinx it. LOL Okay enough fun. The weather this week was kinda nippy .. which means it was in the high 70s. So I have been baking and finishing holiday projects and this week my piggies reflect that with the snowflake-ish design. After letting the main color polish dry I used Apple Barrel #20503White and a thin artist brush I painted two Xs that crossed each other. After a few minutes I went back and with a bobby pin took the main color and placed a dot in the center. Since I was rushing my lines weren't straight - if I was taking my time I would have used tape to create neater lines. Maybe the team knew that I just didn't put my heart into it and hence neither did they. Next week will be a different story.

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