Thursday, November 13, 2014

Top 5 Books For Kiddos I Recommend

Since one of my past posts were on kids' books .. I thought I would hop in my time machine and share with you some of my favorite ones from when my kids were tots. Which are now being read to the Gran-Angels .. that is when they sit still long enough to hear a story.

Top on my list is I Know A Place by Karen Ackerman. This child's view of her favorite place is explained by simple limericks and wonderful illustrations. She walks you thru her day from being woken up by the call 'rise and shine lazybones' to dinner time 'where the plates might be chipped or cracked but there's never been an empty one' and she 'know it by heart .. by the number and by the street .. home'. This beautiful story will remind you and your wee ones what is important in life and it isn't the latest clothes or I-phone *gasp* or anything that is considered materialistic. It is the simple pleasure of being raised by people who love you and expresses that love in little moments through-out the day. This book always stood out to me because the forward is dedicated to little Lisa Steinberg .. a victim of domestic abuse; which is why all the creaks in the house are friendly and there is nothing to ever fear.

Old Bear by Jane Hissey sparked the 'never boxing up any doll' phase with my kids which lasted until .. well actually now thinking about it I believe all their stuffies are out and not boxed. This quaint story is about Old Bear who is boxed in the attic until his fellow stuff animal friends, who never forgot about him, came to rescue him and bring him back into the play room with them. It is a sweet and soulful story that will touch your child's soft heart.

Now lets move out of Bummer-ville and land solely in Happy-land with an all time favorite If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff. This super cute story is about what would happen if .. well .. you give a mouse a cookie. And let the chaos begin ..  First, he will ask for a glass of milk and then he might ask for a straw .. this just goes on and on leaving the little boy's house in utter disarray. This little life lesson book, along with If You Give a Moose a Muffin and If You Give a Pig a Pancake, shows how the simplest acts can snowball out of hand and quite quickly. This little book is still referenced in our home to this day .. it explains those days when you started to do your dishes but first you unloaded your dishwasher .. and when you opened your cabinet you noticed how dusty it was so you took out your dishes and started to wipe down the shelves .. next thing you know all your dishes are all over your kitchen and the job that should have taken 5 minutes took 5 hours .. yea I am not fond of those days.

Fourth is Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall. The first time I saw this book was on Reading Rainbow .. gosh I love that show (yes love as in present tense just because it's not televised doesn't change my feelings). This story is about a man that packs up a cart full of items that the family made through out the year and takes it to town to sell including his cart and beloved ox. In turn he purchases a few items for his family and returns home where the cycle and rhythm of the seasons governs this simple and self-sufficient life. It is such a beautiful reminder that everyone in the family can contribute and have purpose within the family. I will even admit .. that even when the kids were 'too old' for this book I checked it out anyhow simply because I adore the story.

Last but not least is Owen by Kevin Henkes .. this adorable story is about Owen and his yellow Fuzzy (blankie) and Owen takes his Fuzzy everywhere but Owen's next door neighbor thinks he is too old to be carrying a blanket and gives unwarranted advise to help break him from such a 'horrible' habit. After much thought Owen's mother came up with a genius idea as to how Owen can keep his Fuzzy and not break her child's heart as she gets him prepared for his first day of school.  *spoiler*  Owen's mother cuts his Fuzzy into handkerchief size squares .. this way Owen will always have his Fuzzy.

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