Sunday, November 16, 2014

Broncos Toes - 11

This week's design was so much fun to do. I was just going to design the big and middle toes only but Oldest Princess suggested that I polish the baby one too and to also do both feet the same rather than alternating like I have been lately. So that is what I did. Look how cute .. I'm going to be sad when I wipe this design off. For this look I used the main 5 colors (2 blues, 2 oranges and the white craft paint) and my trusty Scotch tape. I started with two coats of Pure Ice # 1029 'Drive Me Crazy' and waited until it dried then did the third coat with Sinful Colors # 853 'Cloud 9'. This added some really cool shimmer and lightens up the color just a bit. When the orange dried I taped off using the corner of the tape in an angle and did two quick coats of Pure Ice # 1094 'Teal Appeal' and a light coat of NYC # 140 'Empire State Blue' for that extra shimmer. I think the holiday season has gotten me shimmer crazy. LOL The blue toes is just a repeat of above. The white/orange combo is just the Apple Barrel # 20503 'White' tapped off the top and did a good coat of Pure Ice # 1029 'Drive Me Crazy' and waited for just a few minutes and then lightly went over the orange with Sinful Colors # 853 'Cloud 9' . Remember to take the tape off slowly and immediately .. you don't want to the polish to dry or you will be removing more than what you are wanted. I waited the next day to do the top coat just to make sure everything is thoroughly dried. Okay guys let's show those Rams how things are done!!!  

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