Sunday, November 23, 2014

Broncos Toes - 12

I was so unhappy with last week's game that this week I wasn't inspired to put any effort into my nail art. I was just going to alternating colors and leave it at that but I thought well maybe if I put some extra effort so will the team (because I have that kind of power LOL) and with that I did a small but cute design on the main toe. I did the shimmer overcoat again this week .. it just seems to lighten up the color and I like the combination better than the either color alone. The orange combo is two coats of Pure Ice # 1029 'Drive Me Crazy' and the third coat is Sinful Colors # 853 Cloud 9. The blue combo is one coat of Pure Ice # 1094 'Teal Appeal' and a light coat of NYC # 140 'Empire State Blue'. I also did the above combos on the big toes .. I started with swiping 1/2 the nail with orange then taping it off-centered and swiped the blue ~ I did wait about a day before I added the dots. The dots are super easy .. I used my trusty bobby pin (which I have one specifically for nail art and I keep it with my polishes) and the Apple Barrel # 20503 White and just dotted 5 small dots along the line. I am really liking this design .. I have to remember it for the holidays. Let's go team!!!

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