Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day

There are soooooo many people from all generations that have sacrificed everything so that we can have the freedoms that we enjoy today and I want to take this time to say Thank You. Thank You to those who have served, Thank You to those who have past away, Thank You to those who are wounded, Thank You to those who are currently serving and Thank You to the kids who have just enlisted ... Thank You ... THANK YOU! You are all my heroes.

I personally enjoy going up to complete strangers who are Vets and thanking them directly. Yup .. I go up to someone whom I have never met, or might never meet again, who is wearing a Veteran's cap or a vest or any other kind of symbol and I go up to them and while I am shaking their hand I thank them for their service and the sacrifices they have made. The pride on their face is priceless and it only takes literally a few minutes. I believe that we find greater joy when we get accolades from strangers .. I guess we feel like the intention is purer than when we hear it from those that are closer. I wonder if my father had people go up to him and thank him. I hope he did.

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