Monday, July 12, 2010

Two Weeks Down....

and something like 23 more weeks to go. Now that I am starting to get my footing it is getting easier - not like the program is easier, just that my allotted time is spent more efficiently. I'm a HUGE efficiency person. If it's not efficient - toss it and change how you do things. Have you ever seen the original movie "Cheaper by the Dozen" about the Gilbreth family. I'm not that bad - maybe if I was given more free reign on my family I would be. *YIKES!-LOL* You need to watch it - it is a super cute family film.
This week is anatomy :o there is sooo much to learn in this chapter I can feel myself becoming more psychotic - I made flash cards and posters and am on youtube (which I am listening to now) to check out anatomy classes - just to get the information and understanding it into my small brain. And this is above the workbook, review questions and glossary work. I knew this was going to be one of my tougher subject, the other will be chemisty (which will be in another 3 weeks *tears*) So far all this study time has paid off - finally I'm becoming the student my mother always was praying for. LOL : D Now that I'm older I understand the importance of putting in that extra hour of study time or doing the extra projects. When you are young - you just want to just get done with the class and move on and do fun stuff. Now my idea of fun stuff is making flash cards - wow how my life has changed. : D
I have the cutest classmates -I have 4 of them. They are sooo much fun to have around! They are bright and have some crazy mad skills - which is probably why I push myself so hard. Just trying to keep up with them is exhausting. I think I need to boost my viatmin intake. LOL! I feel for my poor teacher Ms Fran - she has to put up with all our wacky brains. When I homeschooled I just had two students but she has 5 during the day and 12 at night - and you are grounded doesn't really work when they are not your kids. ;p Well I have A LOT of studying to do - so I think this weeks cookie choice will be chocolate chips. Hopefully the anatomy videos will not ruin my appetite cuz I make some mean choco chips cookies.

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