Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My First Week Of School

Wow! No wonder smart girls are mean. They get no sleep and when they do all they dream about is school work - so it's if they had classes for 12hrs. I knew the school I chose has a strong curriculum (smi-a.com go and check it out!)they believe in training you to be a great (not just good or passable - no great!) aesthetician. Which is what I wanted - I mean who wants to be mediocre? I'd rather be average in a great school than be a shining star is a lesser school. But during this holiday weekend when others were getting there hotdog grub on I was learning the life cycle of bacteria and all the stratums of the skin. But even though this week was vigourous I learned sooo much and have already done a few facials. This coming week along with learning extra facial treatments and brow/lash tinting, will also be makeup class. YEA!! I even got extra lashes and glue just for this class. I know - I'm just a tad bit overly excited. I'm off to bake some oatmeal cookies - you really don't expect me to study on an empty stomach do you? ;D

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