Monday, July 19, 2010

How Blessed I Truely Am... have my Mr Wonderful in my life. Everyone knows the passage of the "Proverbs Capable Wife" I think there should  be one for husbands. A Wonderful husband, he is far more precious than clean water; he rises up early and works hard all day for his family without any qualm, he comes home at night with pizza and a warm smile; he supports his family any way he can; he is a man who takes care of the home and family with great ease and who can lay his head down at night knowing that he is very much loved. My beloved was on a business trip for four very long days (it is one that you need to get invited to - which he absolutely deserves)  and I missed him sooo much. He is such a part of who I am that I feel a little displaced when he is not around. I am not a wife who needs her husband's full attention - I just like breathing the same air as he *that's not too weird is it?* I am content to be reading a book while he is watching the football game or baking cookies while he plays on the computer. I just genuinly like him: his humor, his scent, his wonderful cooking, even the dorky way he laughs when something is extremely funny and above all the way he always makes me feel adored every single day for 16 fab years. *Sigh* My wish for my daughter is that she would have a husband worth her feeling this way about. Welcome home sweetheart : D 

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