Tuesday, July 20, 2010

3 Weeks Behind Me and 1 Week To Go

My anatomy test went very very well : D  And yes the teacher did hold up my flash cards for the whole class to see *blushing* I draw like a three year old ;p  This week was extractions - which are harder to get out than one thinks - and lash and brow tints - now that was tons easier to do on someone else than it looks. I'm very clausterphobic and I truely dispise getting this procedure done but in the true spirit of commodery I am now sporting cool blue black lashes - which by the way not a living sole - including my Mr - has told me how totally rad they are. And yes they are totally rad ; D
So I bet you won't guess what I was doing this weekend. If you said relax or go to the movies ... you are incorrect. But if you said study ... well step up and claim your prize. I am in the final week of Module I - which I will learn face waxing. Sounds fun right? Along with turning in my workbook, review questions and glossary words for the last 2 chapters; I also get to study for Mod I final, AZ laws and protocol book. *YIKES!!* At least my makeup class project (which I will share pictures of) will be due the 2 week of Aug - which is right after our summer break. Thank goodness. I will miss being in Mod I - which we are very much protected - to Mod II which is like going from elementary to high school. Hey! I like being in kindergarten - milk and cookies and lots of love and attention ROCKS! - high school was scarry and there was never milk and cookies there :( But at the same time I'm excited to get to the more advanced procedures - of course until it is time for those projects and tests to be due ;p 
And for those of you who are visiters of Dragonfly On My Finger via facebook smi-a.com  Welcome! I encourage all of you to please make an appointment and tour the campus and meet everyone.  You won't be disappointed.

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