Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Survived Module 1!

*picture of the clinic with our bed set up and products all lined up*
I should make a pin that says that. : D Four weeks went by so quick!! Now I am going into Module 2 where I will proceed to be educated in the fine art of microderabrasion. Wow - that almost sounded intellegent ;p I am so excited and a bit nervous too. I will also be recieving paying clients. :o I have always told the students not to be nervous and how they have all the skills they need and they just need to be more confident. Ummm yea!! Let's see if I take my own advise. Good bye Miss Frannie it has been fun learning from you.
*Tiffany and Kim*
During makeup class I got to work on these two sweet girls (sorry about the lighting) It was so much fun - the project I gave myself was that - besides foundation - could I use the same colors and techniques on both girls and have them both look amazing. And they did - I was sooo proud of myself.

This is what I will be doing this weekend - besides the book work for chemistry my dreaded nemisis - I am going around doing makeup on friends and my little angel for my project. They can come to the school but I wanted to get pictures of them Glamour Shot style. You know with props and standing outside (for the lighting) so when I get pictures I don't have a file cabnet in the back ground. :o I know what you are thinking but Roxanna isn't your project due is 3 weeks and you would be correct but to get started now means that I can do all the pictures and revisions for my portfolio. See this is something that high school Roxanna would have never done. To do a project so far out would have been unheard of. But this is a project that I'm really excited about. So maybe I will be able to get more than the recommended 6. I am having a problem with evening looks - I don't like to tart up people so this is a challenge for me.

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