Thursday, January 3, 2013

WOW!! What A Book!!!

... I don't know what to say but WOW!!! I got done with this book in 5 ... count it 5 weeks!!!! It was (is) that good! It got me right from the first sentence .... "Death is my beat. I make my living from it."  Everytime there was a plot twist I wanted to tell you (the killer died and there is still 100 pages to go? What! What else is there to tell me .... oooohhhhhh) but I didn't want to stop reading. I was trying to finish this book by Jan 1st but sadly I didn't do it *tear* but I did finish it last night at 11pm so I can call it a semi-victory. I didn't want to skim read this book so I can finish some futile deadline that doesn't really even matter and miss any of the finale. This book is wonderfully meaty and engaging. It was sad and disturbing in some parts but it didn't go into too much detail with the murders to give me nightmares (thank goodness). This is the second Connelly book that I have read (the first was The Scarecrow) and in no way was it disappointing. I do like how you can see from both the villan and the hero side of the same scene ... it allows you to look at things differently and understand the 'why' alittle bit more. This one does finish with a cliffhanger ~ which I am not a fan of.  Connelly writes a series of  Harry Bosch books that I might try ... I guess the guy is a detective ... it does look promising. =D Not sure what to read next though. Hmmmm ....

This year I have decided that IF I can keep myself on a reading schedule I SHOULD be able to get more than just 4 books done in a year. See my thinking on completing a resolution is ... that my desire to read more books might be strong but without a plan of action it will still stay as an idea rather than than something I am actively working on. Does this make sense? IF I could read a minimum of 20 pages a day (simple enough) then I SHOULD be able to read a book a month. So by the end of 2013 I ... realistically ... could read 12 books. In 2012 I read 4 books and in 2011 I read only 2 ... and it seems like I read alllllll the time  O.o  But then I get side tracked with projects and gardening and baking and well .... life ... that I don't read enough in a day to accomplish much. So this year I have thought that IF I can budget just a few minutes of my time for reading and crafting and walking the dog per day .... then I SHOULD be able to accomplish reading 12 books, finishing 12 projects, and have one hell of a leash obedient dog and not to mention that I would have a bigger brain, next years Christmas gifts done and some super toned legs =D So that would be my challenge for you this year ... do something small each day to accomplish your larger goals. If you do nothing ... nothing changes or happens. Remember the old saying ... How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

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